those pokey outey ears (Claire at three months)

October 1, 2014

About a week ago, my baby decided she no longer wanted to snuggle up 24/7 like she used to love. No no, she wants us to help her stand up or sit up at all times. I still don't know what happened to my little squeaky newborn who just wanted to nuzzle into our armpits and sleep. I mean, what's the point of putting on deodorant if no baby is smelling our armpits? It's about five years too soon to start exploring in my opinion, and I might be mad at her if she wasn't so darn cute looking around everywhere with her tiny little head and her big blue eyes.

And can you get over those ears that stick straight out (courtesy of her dad's genes ;)? I know ears that stick out are supposed to be some sort of beauty faux pas or whatever, but it just might be my favorite feature of hers. I can't get over those cute dumbo ears.

Happy three months, The Squishy One!

^^slightly out of focus, but way too cute to not post :)

90% of the time, you can find her with one finger jammed in her mouth. Yum.

Literally the happiest she's ever been during tummy time. Usually she screams nonstop.

P.S. Today I'm talking about insecurities and confidence over on Sharlee's blog. Check it out here!

Sharing Memories with Seahorse

September 30, 2014

Last week, my husband was trying to send an adorable video of baby Claire to his family. (It really was quite adorable. She was playing in her jungle gym and showing off her best grasping, swatting, cooing, and smiling skills.) But then it took 10 minutes for him to send the video to each person individually, and the video sent in a very low-quality, weird format. The result was a lot of texts back saying "I think that's supposed to be Shagnu?" "Was there supposed to be sound with that?" and "Dude, what are you trying to send me?" (Don't ask why they call my baby Shagnu. And definitely don't ask about the middle name.)

That's where the new Seahorse app would have been SUPER helpful. Seahorse is an app that lets you document life together in shared scenes with friends and family. Seahorse lets you create scenes - a trip or vacation, a local event, an ongoing album of your family - and share them with other users.

I downloaded Seahorse and quickly got my account set up by signing in via Facebook (it took 10 seconds tops). There's a purple bubble that follows you around in the app, helping you learn the app's easy navigation, instructing you to invite others, and guiding you as you start sharing. Next, I invited some of my family members to start sharing with me.

The first scene my family created with me was from Chalk the Block. Lots of people from my family went at different times to support my awesome sister-in-law and her chalk art. It was really cool to see all the different stages of her chalk art as we all uploaded our pictures. More Chalk the Block pictures here!

We also created an album about Claire. She's the only niece or nephew so far in our family, so she gets a LOT of attention. Haven't you noticed? ;) I loved this because I got to see a picture that I had never seen before - the very first picture of me with my baby! Sam uploaded it, and I was so surprised! I forgot it had been taken, and it was special to see it, even though you can definitely tell I had been awake for 38 hours and in labor for almost all of those hours haha.

See what I mean? TIRED. But so happy to finally meet my little squish for the first time! I could barely look away from her long enough for this picture.

The bottom line: We loved that all your photos and videos are uploaded in high-resolution (no more weird video-sending problems!). We also loved the co-ownership between all the photos and videos in a scene, and that everyone can add to the scene. We also loved the fast upload and the ample free storage. The only things we didn't love were the purple bubble that follows you around, the multiple emails and the manual friend invitation process. Overall though, it's a fabulous idea. I would love to see how awesome it could be to gather pictures from a blogger event!

You can download Seahorse through your regular app store, or by clicking HERE for iPhones or HERE for Androids. Right now, Seahorse is offering an extra 5GB of storage through October 31, 2014 by using the code CLEVERHORSE in the Redeem section of your app. Happy sharing!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

it's a privilege

September 28, 2014

I frequently get asked "what's being a mom like?" And my super eloquent answer is usually "uhhhhh." As we all know, I have a history of giving terrible on-the-spot answers. Remember when I told aspiring teachers that the best part of the job was the ice machine? Or how I was once interviewed for a local news story, and didn't make the cut because all I could think of to say was "it was fun?"

It's the same thing when people ask what being a mom is like. Honestly, it's everything. It's late-night feedings and it's constantly trying to find a pacifier and it's sweet little coos and laughs. It's feeling so incredibly needed and so incredibly loved. Before I had children, I would see this quote often. I used to think it would be my parenting motto.

"You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice 
will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you ever make." 
Gordon B. Hinckley

I thought having children would be this great sacrifice that President Hinckley was talking about. I was prepared to give up my body, my life, my sleep, my friends, my quality of marriage for this great little investment. I've even seen this quote on Pinterest among collections of quotes about motherhood (the quote is actually referring to serving an LDS mission). But honestly, it just doesn't apply to motherhood. Because being a mother isn't a sacrifice. It's a privilege. Every smile, every cuddle, every tiny finger and toe, every unglamorous late night and every poopy diaper change- it's a privilege.

Everyone's experience is different, but motherhood is wonderful for me. It's not this terrible, exhausting, difficult journey that I used to believe it would be. I shower! I sleep! I still have friends! I still leave the house every day! Of course some days are harder than others, and for me, breastfeeding really has been as hard as some of the horror stories I heard. But even so, motherhood is not a sacrifice. Of course it's a lot of work. Everything worth doing is a lot of work. But I still don't think of it as a sacrifice, or even as an investment. Even in my craziest worn-thin fussy baby day, it hasn't been a sacrifice. Not even one second of this incredible experience has been a sacrifice. It's a privilege, and I love it.


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Mexican Pizza

September 26, 2014

Hey there! Today I wanted to share one of my favorite quick lunches or dinners - homemade Mexican pizza. It's a fun twist on regular pizza, with lots of yummy ingredients from south of the border. Actually, I'm 99% sure this is not a real dish in Mexico. We just started calling it Mexican pizza years ago and it stuck :) We have this all the time for a quick lunch or dinner. It's another one of those recipes that can be made from almost anything you have around your house.

First, spread heated refried beans on a small tortilla as the "pizza sauce." Then, top with cheddar or pepperjack cheese. Next, put on your toppings. This could be anything you want. We love corn, pinto beans, red peppers, olives and green onions. Put it on a baking sheet and broil it on the top rack of the oven on high for a few minutes, or until the cheese is melted and the tortilla is golden brown.

Slice the tortilla like a pizza and sprinkle with lime juice, salsa, or hot sauce. Serve immediately.


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