Silver Lining

July 28, 2016

little rituals and freshly bathed babes

Isn't it funny the little rituals that become so important to us? After I had Claire, I was in the emergency room with some terrible post-delivery complications, so I missed her first bath, and I was inordinately sad about it (although I am so grateful to Sam + Krysti for taking care of her when I couldn't). This time around, I was really looking forward to giving the twins their first sponge bath. Something about the warm water and the yummy smelling soap and the gentle massage just seems like a rite of passage for new parents, and I was determined not to miss it this time.
 ^^ My very determined helper.
There's nothing like a fresh, clean baby all wrapped up and smelling like heaven. (Actually, she smelled like Johnson’s® Head-To-Toe Baby Wash, which is basically the same thing in my book.)

^^Do you see baby Link's little sleep smile back there? You guys, he has two cheek dimples that will make him a major heartbreaker one day.
A big thank you to Johnson’s® for sponsoring today's post! We've used and loved their products in our home since I was growing up. Their new line of Extra Moisturizing Baby Wash and Extra Moisturizing Baby Cream just launched, both of which are extra mild and infused with Vitamin E and baby oil for baby's tender skin. And of course you can't go wrong with the classic Head-To-Toe Baby Lotion. Learn more by visiting Johnson’s® Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
If you follow me on snapchat, you know I take wayyyyy too many pictures of my twins cuddled up sleeping together. But really, can you blame me? If they're snuggled together they can sleep for hours, and I can't get enough.

Anyone else attached to baby's first bath?
What are other rites of passage for new parents?
Besides being super sleep deprived and covered in spit up, of course. ;)

July 26, 2016

meeting the twins

Today I'm running on about four hours of sleep, and I know I should take a nap now while the twins are napping, but I wanted to drop in and share these pictures.

We were so lucky to have lots of family come down and help us the first week with the twins. Between that and Sam's paternity leave, I've really been able to ease in to this whole twin thing, and it's been such a blessing.

Here are a few snaps from the hospital when Claire met the twins.
My toddler grew into a giant overnight, I swear. Seeing her with my tiny newborns makes me realize how grown-up she is. And heavy. She's pretty darn heavy compared to them. ;)

 ^^ "It's baby's nose! It's baby's eyes! It's baby's hat!"

 ^^ I don't know how we would have survived this last week without Grandma and PopPop. They took care of Claire, they burped and changed babies, they made sure we slept when the babies slept, they made us food, and they did all our laundry. In short, they were lifesavers!
^^First picture as a family of five. Five! We're a family of FIVE. This fact will sink in eventually, right?
And now I really am off for a nap.

July 22, 2016

introducing the twins

The twins are here!

Lincoln Ross
July 19, 2016
6 lbs 14 oz

Addison Anne
July 19, 2016
5 lbs 3 oz

We are so in love! They are tiny and sleepy and wrinkly and perfect. The past few days have been a happy blur. Thank you for all the sweet comments and messages on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat these past few days.

When it comes to naming children, Sam and I like to pick something we like for first names, and family names for middle names. We really liked Addison and Lincoln for first names (although Lincoln is actually a family name too). Link's middle name is Ross, after my father, and we really hope he'll live up to his name and his awesome grandpa as he grows up. Our little Addie has three amazing grandmas - Lynnanne, Krysti Anne, and Ann. We are so happy that she can share names with all three grandmothers, and hope she feels their influence her whole life.

And now excuse me as I go get more snuggles - and hopefully sneak a nap in too. We're so happy our twins are here!
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