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October 30, 2014

If you looked at my Amazon search history, you'd see the phrases "camera cover waterproof" and "compact DSLR camera cover." If you followed my browsing history, you would see that I came up with nothing every time.

Here's the problem. I love to carry my camera around everywhere I go. However, since I carry around a diaper bag and a baby everywhere I go, I seldom (read: never) have enough arms or room to carry a camera bag with me. I'd much rather shove the camera inside the diaper bag, but with bottles and drool and other questionable baby liquids, I haven't dared put my camera in with the wipes and the burp cloths.

And then I discovered Camera Coats. Camera Coats are a fitted, waterproof, padded "coat" that fits right around your camera, so you can take it with you safely wherever you go. Basically, it's what I had been searching for. Can I cram it anywhere in my purse or diaper bag? Check. Is it cute? Check. Is it waterproof? Check.

Other things I love about Camera Coats: each one comes with a matching strap, there are five different sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your camera, they are handmade right here in Salt Lake City, they have little pockets to slip in an extra memory card or battery, they are packaged and shipped by adults with disabilities, oh and their design just got patented, too!

Basically what I'm saying is that every person who owns a DSLR should add this to their list right now. It would be the best photographer gift, camera bag for women, and camera bag for moms.

I have an awesome coupon code to offer you today: enter SILVER10 at checkout for $10 off through November 15! Spouses of anyone who owns a camera - this one is for you! You can also enter to win one free Camera Coat of your choice right here.

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*Camera Coats sent me a coat to review. All opinions expressed, and my love of Camera Coats, are all my own. Thank you, as always, for reading along, entering the giveaway, and helping me support my little family while doing something I love so much.

Benjamina Button

October 28, 2014

I'm not a huge Halloween fan myself (read my Halloween hate letter here), but once you have kiddos, it gets a lot more fun! This year, Halloween will be an excuse to play dress up with my cute doll of a baby (which I already do every day), and get some free candy in the process.

My little drool bucket is dressing up as something that, like her, is mostly toothless, mostly hairless, mostly helpless, and somewhat hunchbacked - an old lady! I don't know why, but this costume is seriously cracking me up. I've looked at these pictures at least 10 times today, and I start laughing every time. You should see her confused face when I put the glasses on! She's not a huge fan of the homemade wig though.


baby wig - I hot glued cotton balls onto one of baby's old hats. Literally took me 10 minutes maximum. Extra points if you add a touch of silver or grey spray paint.

brooch (I borrowed mine from my granny)


kid-sized sunglasses, lenses popped out

glasses chain (I got mine at Walmart for $4)

That's it! If your baby is walking, I've seen lots of super cute DIY walkers made out of PVC pipe. 

She had a glimpse of what she will look like when she's old, and she was not impressed. Ah, mortality ;)

In the first and third pictures here, I had her hat on backwards, so you can see some bald spots on the wig. Make sure to glue a lot of cotton balls on, and remember that the hat expands when you stretch it out to fit over a head!

Happy Halloween!
Who else is loving not dressing up
And just dressing up their kids instead? 

a new favorite pumpkin patch

October 27, 2014

I'm picky about my pumpkin patches. Growing up, my parents used to take us to this amazing pumpkin patch. It involved a boat ride to the patch, a haunted train ride back, and actual pumpkins that you pick off the ground. As it turns out, most pumpkin patches here are just a pile of pre-picked pumpkins (alliteration).

This year, I heard about a new pumpkin patch. Well, more specifically, I heard about their apple cider donuts. And then I heard about their apple cider slushes. And then I learned more, and it looked like a fantastic place. So we took our friends the Bennetts and went to try it out for ourselves.

Rowley's Red Barn is a darling farm tucked into the countryside near Santaquin. The pumpkin patch is complete with a hay ride there and back, a giant slide, a maze, a sand pit, and of course, pumpkins. They've already been picked off the vine for you, so it's not quite the authentic experience I'm used to, but hey, at least they're not just sitting there in a pile. You still get to actually wander the fields picking out your pumpkin.
 Mark teaching Jason about the important things in life. AKA farming.

 Jason cracks me up in this picture (and trust me, it was the most normal of all the family pictures we tried to take that night).

 Does anyone else's husband like to play a game called balance the baby on one hand at dangerous heights, aka the give your wife a heart attack game? That's Sam's favorite game.

And a few pictures of our good friends Mark and Jessa (plus a cute baby bump and their darling daughter).

If nothing else, everyone should go to Rowley's for the food. Apple cider donuts! Apple cider slushes (which sadly weren't working the day we went)! Popcorn of every flavor! Old-fashioned candy of every flavor! 

Thanks Mark and Jessa for a great evening! Even though the hay ride was a little dusty, and even though baby girl screamed for the entire 20-minute drive back home, it was still such a lovely fall evening. We definitely found a treasure of a pumpkin patch!

Things that Matter Most

October 26, 2014

A few days ago, I was having one of those bottom-side-up days in which everything seems a little more bleak. Will anyone comment on my blog post today? When will we replace our breaking couches? How could I have forgotten to buy eggs? Why did I eat those cookies?

And then, out of the blue, my grandpa came over with a bag full of books. He said he met some teachers on the Frontrunner who were reading new children's books they got at a literacy conference. He asked them for a list of the best books for his great-grandchildren, and then he ordered all the books on the list. My grandpa is such a gentle giant, and that simple but amazing gift turned my whole day around.

It doesn't matter if nobody comments on my blog post for that day. It doesn't matter if our couches have a few bad springs. It doesn't matter if I forgot to buy eggs, or if ate those cookies, or any of the thousands of things humans worry about daily.

So today, I have a few pictures of what does matter. My family matters. So does kindness and compassion and trying again tomorrow. The words below are from a beautiful sermon (read it HEREand are compiled in my very favorite Mormon Message video HERE. I promise it's worth three minutes of your time.

We would do well to slow down a little, 
proceed at the optimum speed for our circumstances, 
focus on the significant, 
lift up our eyes, 
and truly see the things that matter most. 

Strength comes not from frantic activity 
but from being settled on a firm foundation of truth and light. 
It comes from placing our attention and efforts on the basics of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. 
It comes from paying attention to the divine things that matter most.
-Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Happy Sunday!
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