February 27, 2015

The Squishy One at eight months

Our little miss turns eight months old this weekend, and seriously I think this is the golden age of babies. (I say that every time.) (But I swear, this time it's true.) This was the month she really started to come into her own personality, and we have been soaking up every minute. Here are a few little things I want to remember about Mrs. Squishes.

I want to remember the way her little hand wraps around your thumb when you pick her up.

I want to remember her gummy, drooly grin, with those two tiny teeth nubs, and the way she belly laughs when we try to brush her little teeth with the purple Dora toothbrush Sam got her.

She just started crawling a few days ago, and I want to remember her slow, methodical crawls. Every few steps (they're not really called steps, are they? should I say every few crawls?) she loses her balance and one leg goes way up into the air. Then she rights herself and continues on her slow beeline path.

She is such a goofball. She'll crawl up to you and just grin and be silly until you pick her up and play with her. Especially Jason! The best time of day is when Jason gets home from school. Can you tell she has us all wrapped around her little fingers?

If she's sleeping, don't you dare go in to check on her! If she so much as hears the door open, day or night, she'll pop her head up and be ready to play. And if there's one thing we know about parenting, it's to never ever EVER wake a sleeping baby. ;)

Her favorite things to play with are, of course, things she's not supposed to touch. She will go to great lengths to try and reach the carbon monoxide detector plugged into the hallway outlet, and she loves computer cords too. Basically her life motto is "EAT ALL THE ELECTRONICS."

She just started doing this new thing where she starts crawling up your leg and wants to be picked up. But don't you dare think she wants to cuddle you for once in her life! What she really wants is to pull on your earring, or eat your beard, or for you to carry her somewhere (to the carbon monoxide detector, please, and step on it!).

The worst part of this month was when her elbow got dislocated and we had to spend several hours doing x-rays and in urgent care waiting rooms. She also got a bad cold for a few days, and it's rough seeing your baby hardly able to breathe! But we all came through, and we could not be more in love with our silly, determined, independent, happy, smiling Eclaire.

Happy eight months! 

February 25, 2015

How We Wore It // Fashion Collaboration

I'm not a fashion blogger by any means, but putting this collaboration together every other month has been just too much fun to stop! I love showcasing my personal style and connecting with stylish lifestyle bloggers I know and love.

Quick recap in case you're not familiar: Everyone gets the same outfit shot, and then uses what's in their closets to recreate their own personal take on the outfit. It's so much fun seeing the similarities and differences between everyone's outfits. See previous How We Wore It posts here and here.

This time around for How We Wore It, our inspiration came from this shot:

What drew me in to this outfit was how light and clean it looked. To me, it just said springtime. While we've been having fairly warm temperatures here in Utah, I still feel like it's winter, so I used darker, more muted shades in my outfit, and I only incorporated the color green via the wall behind me.

I wear this shirt ALL THE TIME. Like, three times a week at least. It's so comfy, and goes with practically everything.
Do I wear the heels as often as I wear the shirt? Nope! Do I ever wear heels when I'm out and about running errands? Nope! Can I even walk well in high heels? Nope! Did I put the heels on specifically for the purpose of recreating my take on the photo? Yep! Oh the weird things bloggers do ;)

I had some truly amazing bloggers participate with me this round. I've seen a few sneak peeks of their outfits and they have not disappointed! 

Brooke at Silver Lining (me!)  |  Deidre at Deidre Emme  |  Brielle at Ready or Not
Laura at Sincerely, Laura  |  Brooklyn at A Little Too Jolley  |  Jana at Life Could Be A Dream
Ashley at Absolutely Ashley  | Aubrey at Dreaming About Someday  |  Bonnie at The Life of Bon
Megan at And Here's To You, Mrs. Robinson  |  Bri at Breezy Days  |  Alexa at He and I

P.S. I know a lot of you have been asking how you can sign up and be in the next one. I'm putting some serious thought and brainpower into this, because I want this to be meaningful for everyone! I have a few great ideas I've been fine tuning. So stay tuned for future signups! 

February 22, 2015

Trashin' the Couch

I'm a big believer in using and reusing and upcycling to get a full use out of things. Especially big expensive things like furniture. In fact, I always think about that Great Depression motto "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without!" (I probably think about that motto because I once sang it in a middle school play. Kilroy Was Here! And now I'll never be able to get it out of my head until the day I die...)

But in some cases, there's just not much more you can do with something. We've been the proud owners of a string of secondhand couches throughout our married life, and our current wraparound sectional was especially, um, well-loved by us. Three main springs and one couch leg were broken. It was fairly standard for our guests to sit on the couch, only to jump up and exclaim "I think I just broke your couch!" "No, you didn't. It's just like that. Sorry. But if you sit right here in this exact spot and don't move at all, it's still semi-comfortable!"

So when we got new couches, we knew we had to send our old one off in style. It was just too broken for us to sell it or give away or donate, so we did the next best thing - TRASHED IT!

We started off with the usual things. You know, jumping on the couch. And then we moved on to the crazier things, like ripping an entire cushion to shreds (ever wonder what the inside of a couch looks like? You're about to find out!).


^^^ And more bouncing!

^^^ Jason fulfilling his lifelong dream of eating and drinking on the couch. He sat there with popcorn and crystal light, and looked like the most content teenager you've ever seen.

^^^ This is what the inside of a couch looks like. Who knew?

^^^ She had no idea what was going on, but she loved it nonetheless!

So there we have it. Trashing the couch! It was surprisingly fun, although we wish the original couch owners had been there to trash it with us (Bennetts, come back soon!). We also wanted to take it somewhere and burn it, but couldn't figure out a way to do that without violating several city codes. Darn those city codes! What are they trying to do? Keep us safe from random citizens burning couches in the middle of the city?

And now we bought new couches, and for some reason, buying couches of our very own seems like the most grownup thing we've ever done. I mean yeah, we've graduated college and had careers and been married and had a child and stuff, but still - buying couches?? I'm officially a grownup. And I'm not sure how I feel about that.
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