Silver Lining

May 4, 2016

summer vibes

The other day, Claire was playing in the kids section of the library, and another mom there asked how old she was.

"Three," I said. Then, "Wait, what'd you ask? No. She's 18 months. No she's not. She's almost two. She's one. FINAL ANSWER she's almost two!"

Ha! You guys, I'm losing my mind. Just yesterday I couldn't get my mail key to work. I tried absolutely everything, and I was about to go to the main office to get a new key. Aaaaaand then I realized I was trying to open the wrong mailbox.

So basically life with me is one big brainless party! Come hang out. I'm a lot of fun these days. ;)

Today I'm joining Deidre for my favorite brainchild project: How We Wore It. The inspiration picture is from Elevate Everyday, and I absolutely loved the pale hues combined with the bright cobalt blue. So I went with my white shorts and blue top (one of only two non-maternity tops I can still wear these days).

The scallop hems are fun, and they dress up the top without any extra effort on my part. It's also lightweight and stretchy and great for the warm days ahead (no undershirt required is a huge bonus in this Arizona heat!).

Below, I included the original How We Wore It inspiration picture, as well as a list of everyone else interpreting the same outfit this month. These are some of my favorite ladies, so if you have a minute, check out their gorgeous ensembles. You can sign up for How We Wore It on Deidre's blog by clicking here.

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Emma at Ever Emma
Shelbie at R+S Brereton
Nellwyn at The Cardinal Press
Ruth at My Little Nest

Happy Wednesday, friends!
Where do you find your favorite lightweight summer tops?
After the twins come, I'll need some breezy, loose tees!

May 2, 2016

the best laid plans (exploring the Mesa temple)

To say last week was crazy would be a huge understatement. The short version is that Sam locked down his dream internship a while ago, with a big reputable global company, and an unbeatable location and pay scale. But then this company, who shall remain nameless, called and cancelled their summer intern program just this week (WHO DOES THAT?!). So now it's the middle of finals week, and Sam has to start back at square one with an internship search. Add that to some crazy moving plans and some crazy summer travel plans, and things have been insane.

We're hoping it's one of those things you look back and laugh at. "Remember that time we were almost homeless? And we were about to have twins? And we had no idea where we'd be living or working in the next week? Hahaha! And look where we are now, sipping something expensive in our third home in the south of France! Life is crazy, am I right dahling?"

Or something like that.

So yesterday we took advantage of a free hour or two and strolled the temple grounds. The weather has been beyond gorgeous lately (only 80 degrees the first day in May!), and Claire was itching to get outside and run around. Photography is one of my favorite creative outlets, and sometimes you just need to forget about your problems and take pictures of flowers, you know?

 ^^It finally happened. We couldn't stop Claire fast enough and she touched a cactus. Eeep! Luckily she barely touched it and only had a few barbs stuck in one little finger.

^^She's actually saying "cock doodle doo!" in this picture. Ha! It's her new favorite phrase.

 ^^Such a beautiful temple. I love how unique the architecture is.

This morning, we still have all our same problems, but everything just seems a little more manageable and brighter. Let's do this, Monday!

April 28, 2016

a celebration (maternity pictures!)

One weird thing about a twin pregnancy is that the nurses measure your uterus at every appointment and tell you how many weeks you'd be if you were carrying only one child. So when I had my 22-week check up, they told me my uterus was 31 weeks big. Ha! Looking forward to my last appointment, when most twin moms have something ridiculous like a 46-week baby bump.

Either way, I knew it was time to take maternity pictures. Usually, maternity pictures are taken somewhere between 30-35 weeks pregnant, but with twins, I wanted to take them early and before it gets too hot here. My sweet friend Beverly took the pictures for me (check out her blog here!).

The best thing happened when she started snapping away. I stopped thinking about how hard this pregnancy has been. I stopped worrying about how big I looked. I stopped worrying about everything else in my life right now. It was just a celebration of my two sweet babies growing away.

And it was such a great feeling. I felt proud of my baby bump, and just let myself relax and celebrate these babes as the camera snapped away. It was such a lovely evening. Now I just have to hire her to come help me get into that relaxed, happy head space every night. ;)

^^I mentioned this on Instagram earlier in the week, but you know how pregnancy hair is notoriously awesome and thick and shiny? Turns out twin pregnancy hair is the best thing that's ever happened to this head of mine. I'm probably going to lose it all and be straight-up bald when the twins get here (postpartum hair loss gets me so badly!), but I'm loving my hair these days!
 ^^For this outfit, I wanted something casual, that I wear all the time. For me, this is my favorite fitted maternity tee, my trusty maternity jeans, some booties, and of course a kimono. I've been living in all the lightweight kimonos and cardigans I can find. They just do a great job of highlighting my baby bump while simultaneously covering up other bumps and lumps. ;)
In case you missed it, the first half of my maternity pictures (a more formal, lace + pearls ensemble) can be found here!

Photos by S W E E T  S N A P S  P H O T O G R A P H Y
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