Photographic evidence that teachers are crazy

April 23, 2014

Picture this: six small cabins nestled in a mountainside an hour outside of the nearest city. Beautiful crisp mornings and sunshine rising over the peaks. Three feet of glistening untouched snow. Sounds peaceful, right?

Now, add 150 screaming kids, three days of sleep deprivation, non-stop time and management commitments, and some live-in mice who are waaaaay too friendly.

Still sound peaceful?

That, my friends, sums up Clear Creek. It's an outdoor education camp we take our kiddos to. The 5th grade teachers are crazy for going every year, taking all those kiddos, and doing it for three days straight, but we do it anyway. The kids have a blast (at least we hope they do!), it really is beautiful up there, and oh the late-night bonding that happens after the students have been banished to their cabins!

I wish I could post pictures of the cute (and hyper!) kiddos, but as it is, you'll have to enjoy my beautiful coworkers and our sleep-deprived mountain women style :)

^^Look at these fabulous ladies. I seriously love my team!^^

I love the 5th grade team this year. They make Clear Creek so much fun. They also made fun of me for how poorly I reacted to those mice... Let's just say fear of mice is something I definitely have :)

take me back

April 21, 2014

On long Mondays like today, all I can say is - take me back to the beach! We had so much fun walking the beaches of San Diego two weeks ago (Del Mar was our favorite, and where all these pictures were taken). We got sunburned, we threw rocks into the ocean, we walked up and down the coastline, we collected shells, and we watched the surfers for a long time.

Also, baby bump pictures happened. I was so self-conscious to take these because hello, six months pregnant posing in a swimsuit?? But hey, this is a babymoon, and that's kind of the point of babymoons. Celebrate that bump! And even though my tummy is bigger than it's ever been, and the scale shows a weight I've never seen before, I'm proud of my body and the fact that it's letting me grow a human being. So here's to those swimsuit pictures - I'm deciding to be proud and own them!

PS - ignore the dirt on my lens :/

Happy Monday!

Because of Him

April 20, 2014

My belief in Christ is not merely my religion, it is the defining point of my home, my marriage, my entire life. Because of Him, I can improve myself every single day, even though I make the same mistakes over and over and over. Because of Him, I am happy. Because of Him, I can be with my family long after this life is over. He is what makes sense of this crazy, hectic, godless world we live in. Except it's not godless at all, because He is everything, everywhere, for every one.

"I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen: 
not only because I see it, 
but because by it
I see everything else." 
~C.S. Lewis

Happy Easter. Christ is risen.

To learn more about how you can celebrate Christ this Easter, click here.

the third trimester is here!

April 17, 2014

*These pictures were taken a week and a half ago in San Diego. I swear my bump has almost doubled in size since then. Some days I look at my bare stomach and wonder where the rest of that baby is going to fit? It seems so full in there already. Then everyone tells me to buckle up because I'm about to get a LOT bigger.

The third trimester is here! We are getting so so excited. Some days, I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep because I'm thinking about baby girl and how we can't wait to meet her. Sam is equally twitterpated.

This also means that my nervousness levels are at an all-time high. Suddenly it seems real to me that I'M GOING TO HAVE A HUMAN CHILD SOON. Our baby room is still just an empty room with a pile of baby clothes in one corner, and I haven't even thought about things like labor and birth plans... It's time to kick it into high gear with the baby prep! 

Bending over is tricky these days, and if something drops on the floor, I usually perform some creative sideways twist/ aboriginal squat to reach the item. And I always question whether wearing lace-up shoes is even worth the effort anymore (answer: it isn't).

I guess my only real complaint is that I can't ever get a full breath of air. I'm carrying my baby super high, and I feel like she's right up on my lungs. Let's just say I've never had better posture, because I can't get a full breath unless I'm sitting ramrod straight with my shoulders back. My great-grandmother would be proud. This prenatal yoga video has been great in helping me breathe better.

I'm getting a ton of comments from strangers these days (I guess pregnancy is the great equalizer?). The best is when a sweet old lady walked up to me, started rubbing my belly, and said "how blessed you are." And then she told me her life story (while still rubbing my belly) in regards to her fertility and her three kids. It was really funny, and more than a little awkward. 

Here we go, third trimester!
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