basically we named her after Twilight

August 28, 2014

Once, when we were all sitting around playing with baby girl, I said "come here, my little spider monkey," as a tribute to the terrible disaster that was the movie Twilight. Then we all stopped and looked at her. She really does look like a little monkey sometimes. It has something to do with her ears that poke out (thanks to Sam) and her round face (thanks to me) and her weird hairline (thanks to her homo habilis ancestors?). So, I guess evolution is working backwards now, because she is our little spider monkey. And she is the cutest monkey I have ever, or will ever, see.

These pictures are from our evening walk last night. I feel like I'm a novice at baby wearing, but when I do it, I really love it.

Happy almost-Friday! And happy 3-day weekend at that! Our plans are still up in the air, but they involve a date night, a hike, and possibly a BBQ and a trip to Logan. And they most definitely will involve a snow cone, because those stands aren't going to be open forever, and I've had a serious lack of snow cones this summer :)

5 totally useless baby items... that I totally use

August 26, 2014

I admit it. I'm eating my words here. Earlier, I boasted that I am a baby minimalist, and that parents don't actually need tons of stuff to raise a happy, healthy baby. I still maintain that, however.... Some things are just nice to have. Not necessary baby items, but ones that I use every day.

Swaddle Blankets
Before I had my baby, I thought this was one huge consumeristic ploy that thousands of parents were dumb enough to buy in to (according to blogger, I just made up the word consumeristic). But then we got some of these swaddle blankets at a baby shower, and we use them every single night. Our little squish breaks out of any and all regular blankets that we swaddle her in, but she loves these.

Car Seat Cover
Technically, car seats come with a cover, which renders these covers useless. But honestly, the covers that come with car seats are flimsy at best, and you can't adjust them as much as you'd like to block direct sun from your baby's face. We got this car seat cover for a killer deal, and we love it. They're also great when you're in public and strangers want to touch your baby. Or for sneaking food into a movie (how dare you think there's a rotisserie chicken in my car seat, officer!).

Electric Snot Sucker
The funny thing about babies is they come pre-programmed to latch, suck, grasp things, and "walk" when their feet are on the floor, but they don't come with the ability to sniff. Baby girl had her first stuffy nose this week, and this electric snot sucker (ahem, infant aspirator) came in handy! When I got this at my baby shower, I laughed out loud. What?? These exist?? And don't they give you a little plastic bulb sucker at the hospital? But trust me, the electric one is way more effective.

Pacifier Clip
What's the point of pacifier clips, right? I didn't buy any, because how hard can it be to keep a baby's pacifier in their mouth? Ha. You have much to learn, young padawan. As it turns out, babies can eject their pacifiers in up to a 12-foot arc. Technically, you don't need these clips, but they sure do come in handy at the ward camp-out when your baby keeps spitting her pacifier in the dirt.

Diaper Genie
Now, I don't actually have one of these. But I went to my friend's house, and she showed me her pail of dirty diapers that didn't smell at all because of her diaper genie. I, on the other hand, don't know if I'll ever be able to get residual diaper smell out of my apartment. And poor Jason has to take dirty diapers to the dumpster all the time.

So there you have it. Totally useless baby items that I totally use. Probably don't try any of these, because once you do - you'll be hooked :) Ah, consumerism. Although I am glad I didn't get a changing table. I have a feeling that's a useless item that would actually be useless. I've never thought to myself "Baby has a dirty diaper. But where on earth can I change her??" Ya know?

Moms, what am I missing?
What non-necessary baby items do you love?

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A Year of Silver Lining (to my new readers)

August 22, 2014

I've noticed lots of new readers around here (woot woot!). If you're new to Silver Lining: welcome! I hope you'll stay awhile. Here's the basic version of what you need to know if you want to stick around this blog.

This is me: 

And here's a glimpse of what it's like on this blog, year-round.

I mean, summer break is great. Sure, warm weather. Of course I'll take a pool day if an opportunity comes up. But snow cones?? Now that's where it's at. (Slurpees make acceptable substitutes for the winter months).

Basically, a large portion of each autumn day is spent crunching leaves. Don't pretend you haven't crossed the road specifically to reach a pile of crunchy leaves before. Bonus points if you get a gutter full of them. Also, fall fashion is the best fashion.

The bad part about snow is the terrible snowy commutes I had to drive before the snow plows were out last winter. The good part about snow is sledding! Fun fact: my husband first started dating me after we went sledding together. He got a concussion from going off a jump, and that concussion must have knocked all the sense out of him because he wanted to date me after that, the poor sucker. Also, we like to go to ice castles.

Somehow, I end up doing most of my traveling in the spring. I guess it's a good time to get away from the drippy coldness to somewhere warmer? Other good things about spring include my 5th grade students going crazy, warmer weather, and Cadbury eggs during Easter season. Especially the Cadbury eggs :)

I hope you'll stick around here for a while! Check out the About Me page if you actually want to know what this blog is about :) 

Oh, and here's a picture of my darling new baby girl. We're obsessed with her around here, so if you're not into cuteness overloads, this blog may not be your thing.

P.S. If you also have a blog, leave me a link in the comments and I'd love to check it out!
Happy weekend.

hey batter batter

August 20, 2014

Inspiration struck at 6am while I was nursing and watching an old Psych episode.  I was looking for something engaging to do for Monday family night (we've been in a major family night rut). Something in the episode made me remember - baseball! The batting cages! Why didn't I think of this earlier!? Sam and Jason were raised on baseball, so I made a plan to go.

I maybe probably definitely got too excited about this, because I made our trip to the batting cages a surprise. As in I literally blindfolded my boys so they wouldn't know where we were going until we got there. I'm a special kind of crazy, and bless their souls for being so good about it.

It was really fun to do something new together. The boys were good at it, and took turns hitting. I even stepped in the cage once to solidify the fact that my batting average would be .0000001 :) Baby girl couldn't care less about family night and slept through the entire evening. And then we stopped for a slurpee on the way home. All in all, I counted it as a success.

To my local readers: we went to Trafalga, and at only $6 total for helmets, bats, and unlimited balls for our whole family, it was definitely affordable.

Ever been to the batting cages?
I'm still in the market for more fun activities. 
Send ideas my way please!
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