Silver Lining

June 23, 2016

out for ice cream (+ blog business)

These days, my very pregnant body has either really good days or really bad days.

A lot of days, I feel miserable and like I'm in labor (I'm not), and during those days my main activities are complaining (ha) and trying to find things for Claire to do while I lay on the couch. (God bless the inventors of stickers, play doh, and Daniel Tiger.) But some days, I wake up feeling fantastic and full of energy. I run around like a mad woman on those days - organizing the twins' room, installing car seats, taking Claire swimming, running errands, the works!

It's a weird weird life at the end of a twin pregnancy, I guess.

So sometimes, when you have one of those great days, you take your little family out for ice cream. Even though this was a 20 minute stop on the way home from a work function, it felt like a pretty big deal to us. And it was so nice to get out and relax for a few minutes together. Well, as relaxed as you can get with a toddler whose main purpose in life is to steal your ice cream or run away down the sidewalk. ;)

Looking forward on the blog:
+ Things will be slowing down here for a bit! I have one sponsored post left, and then I'll be taking maternity leave for most of July.
+ I will definitely post about the twins when they make their grand entrance, so get excited for that!
+ I've also formed partnerships with some of my very favorite baby brands, and I have some collaborations with them coming up as well. I'm really excited to share a huge baby gear giveaway with you.
+ Most of my daily updates will be on Instagram and Snapchat for the next little while (I'm @brookejanette on both). Follow along for glimpses of all the sleepless nights and baby cuddles!

P.S. Both my babies have been breech for three months now, so unless they turn at the last second, it looks like I'm headed for a C-Section. C-section mamas, what advice do you have? I'm a bit nervous for it (and definitely nervous about recovering from surgery while simultaneously taking care of two infants). Tell me everything!

June 20, 2016

how to pick a perfect watermelon

There are a lot of things I am clueless about. I have no hope of ever doing a fancy braid in my hair. I don't know the first thing about hand lettering or stock markets or mountain biking. In fact, this weekend I spent the first two complete hours of my Saturday thinking it was Sunday. Like, I got ready for church and everything before I realized what an airhead I am.

But when it comes to watermelon - now that's a subject I take very seriously. ;) I'm just going to say it. I am GOOD at choosing a watermelon.

What makes a great watermelon? It needs to be crisp. It needs to be juicy. It needs to be flavorful. It needs to not be grainy. I also prefer seedless. Here are my tips for choosing a great watermelon every time!

1. Heavy for its size
You want the watermelon that feels really heavy for its size. If you pick up a watermelon and it seems surprisingly lightweight, put it back! Heavy watermelon = nice and juicy = good. You can also give it a whack and listen for a deep, hollow sound, but testing the weight is easier for me.

2. Yellow ripening spot
A creamy yellow spot develops on the underside of watermelon as they lay on the ground waiting to be picked. You want one with a nice large ripening spot. If the watermelon has no ripening spot, it was picked too early and won't taste as good. Yellow ripening spot = good.

3. Scars or brown lines and spots
Believe it or not, bugs know best! When a watermelon has white scars, or brown lines and spots, it means bugs tried to eat it - and they always pick the best ones. (Don't panic, they didn't make it through the rind.) White scars and brown lines = good.

4. Rich, dark green color
You know how the watermelon in stores in January is kind of sad and yellow-looking? That's because it's out of season and not nearly as good. You want to pick the watermelon that's a dark and rich green color - it means you'll get a dark, rich, juicy red inside. Rich dark green color = good.

For best results, keep your watermelon in the fridge and eat it within a week of purchasing it. And there you have it! How to pick a great watermelon every time. Your next picnic, potluck, or family gathering thanks you in advance. :)

Happy Monday!

June 17, 2016

the final stretch!

We are down to the final few weeks before the twins get here, and I am simultaneously overjoyed and terrified.

On one hand, I'm more uncomfortable than I've ever been before. I don't know, something to do with measuring 44 weeks pregnant in a hot Arizona summer? ;) I am so excited for when standing up from the floor or getting comfortable in bed isn't a major achievement. But then I think how hard one newborn can be, and I get overwhelmed wondering how I'm supposed to survive two at the same time.

Still, these babies are looking great at every appointment, and even though this has been a hard pregnancy, it's been fairly complication-free. I am so grateful for that. We are counting our blessings over here - and soaking up these nights in which we have no children awake past 7:30pm.

I haven't done a traditional pregnancy recap this time around, and I thought it would be fun to do at least one before the babies come.

How far along? 
33 weeks!

How big is the peanut? 
They're each the size of a large pineapple, and about 4.5 pounds each. It seems crazy to have a combined 9 pounds of baby inside me, plus two placentas and two umbilical cords. But, as much room as they're taking up now, I hope they each get a pound or two bigger before they make their grand entrance!

Total weight gain/loss? 
I'm only 18 pounds up from my pre-pregnancy weight. I know that seems low for twins, but also keep in mind that I lost 15 pounds during the Dark Ages of my first trimester. So even though my net gain is only 18 pounds, my total gain is 33.

Maternity clothes? 
I've outgrown almost all my maternity clothes at this point. I survive on leggings and the few huge tunics that still cover my belly. Or stretchy dresses like the one I'm wearing in these pictures, because IT'S TOO HOT FOR PANTS.

Some nights are pretty good, and some nights I just toss and turn and try to get comfortable as I drift in and out of wakefulness. Preparation for when the babies come and the real sleep deprivation begins, right? :)

Best moment this week? 
Seeing my babies on the ultrasound screen. We're down to weekly ultrasounds, and I can't get enough.

This is the part where I really try not to complain, because I have every symptom in the book. Let's just say I look and feel like a whale out of water and leave it at that. ;)

Belly button in or out? 
Definitely out!

Food cravings or aversions? 
Weirdly, none? I keep waiting to have cravings, but alas, when 3pm comes along and I end up eating otter pops and an entire bag of popcorn, I have nobody to blame but myself.

One boy one girl!

Labor signs? 
I have one million Braxton Hicks contractions per day, but that's about it.

What I miss?
Being able to take a deep breath.

What I'm looking forward to? 

We finally made progress on choosing baby names! If you know Sam and I, you can appreciate how big of a milestone this is. ;) We like to wait and see the babies before we announce anything for sure, but after months of debating, we have some good choices we both agree on.

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