Silver Lining: a fun idea to recognize college graduates

May 17, 2017

a fun idea to recognize college graduates

This post is sponsored by Minted, but my words and my love for their beautiful, high-quality announcements is my own. 

So much is done for high school graduates these days. Grandparents fly into town. Relatives mail you money. You get senior pictures taken. Your parents host an entire party for you. You send out announcements. Your graduation present is a month spent traveling through Europe.

Okay, my high school graduation had basically none of those things, but you get it right?

I think it's great to celebrate graduations - high school included. But isn't it funny how much less is done for people earning bachelor or graduate degrees? It's a huge accomplishment, and they should totally be celebrated too.

That's why I wanted to make graduation announcements for Sam this spring. I've seen the graduate announcement trend more and more and wanted to hop on the bandwagon for a few reasons. First, it's a fun way to share our happiness with family and friends who are far away. Second, nobody remembers what Sam's second masters degree is (myself included) so this would be a handy cheat sheet way of reminding people (me). It's also just a great way to celebrate all Sam's hard work.

So we worked with Minted to design some graduation cards. I uploaded the picture I wanted to use, and then spent a happy hour scrolling through beautiful designs with our picture automatically added to them so I knew how it would look. (Anyone else think it's fun to try out a million options before you buy something online?)

We decided on this simple, modern layout. I love that the focus is our family, but there's also enough words to make these cards informative. 

Other favorite touches? The return address automatically printed on the back of the envelopes so we don't have to write out our address a million times. They also have free recipient addressing (yup, you can send them a list of who you're mailing cards to and they automatically print it on the envelope for free). I didn't quite have my act together in time to do this, and I'm already kicking myself for the extra time I'm spending hand-addressing.

Our other favorite touch is the customized stamps. I figured if I have to pay for postage anyway, I might as well make the stamp fun and cute. Also our only other stamps were leftover Christmas stamps with wreaths on them, so it was time for new ones. 

If you're in the market for graduation announcements, Minted has a HUGE selection. Modern cards, letterpress cards, collage cards, minimalist cards, foil cards (rose gold foil too!), and the list goes on and on. And if you join Minted More you can get 30% off your order (almost a third off - what!).

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What graduation traditions do you have at your house?
Any fun ideas for us?

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