Silver Lining: Jittery

June 12, 2010


Maybe I’m nervous.
Maybe I’m excited.
Maybe it’s the sunshine.
Maybe it’s the number of items that haven’t been crossed off yet on my to-do list.

Probably it’s a little of all of those. Regardless, I haven’t been able to stop moving today. At all.

It’s good, because I had to get so much done. You should have seen the way I coursed through Costco, and bolted through the book drive neighborhoods, and sprinted through Safeway, and rushed through my running route.

I can’t relax. It’s weird.

What if I always had this much energy?

The only time I stopped being so on edge was for a one hour and four minute phone call, in which I was calmed down and relaxed and soothed and saved all at the same time. Without even realizing it. I swear some people have superhuman powers over me. And I can’t wait until it doesn’t have to be just a phone call.

And…. cue jitters again.

I even took a cold shower in an attempt to coax my craziness to sleep. And then I had a midnight snack with McKay. And then I swept the kitchen and wiped off the counters. And then I brushed my teeth for six minutes straight {I know because we all got those fancy schmancy toothbrushes for Christmas that turn off after two minutes}, which I always do when I’m stressed out.

But I’m still jittery.

I guess the only thing left to do is blog about it.

....maybe I'm going insane?


  1. dude. i love you. hahahaha

  2. AnonymousJune 13, 2010

    you spelled regardless wrong. -amanda hatch

  3. Hahaha! Irregardless of the correct spelling... lol. And Madison, blog stalking you is my favorite pasttime. Just so ya know :)


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