Silver Lining: Way Past Curfew

December 13, 2010

Way Past Curfew

Things to do on reading days:

galavant around Salt Lake City with my amazing ward {Marian the Librarian gave us a classified tour. We saw a 1600s Bible and something that I’m pretty sure was the sword of Laban. No big deal}

drive the Old Blue (“put in the clutch! put in the clutch!"}

share a pizookie at The Chocolate {new favorite dessert place}. chocolate chip for me, white chocolate macademia nut for him

make a quick stop at two crucial reviews. Don’t stay the whole time at either

watch Emsie be so cute at her musical theater concert

ward party at Brother Colemere’s home/mansion

midnight scrabble games at EarthFruitYogurts {overpriced, but open late}

have group dinner parties and serenading parties.

None of them involve reading… oops…


  1. The chocolate! I must go there when I'm in Utah next. All of that sounds way more educational than reading. Love you.

  2. Glad to see you're not wasting any time. Sounds like fun. Happy face today. Love you.

  3. Um, you went to 2 reviews and in my opinion that totally counts as reading, so go you! Good luck on finals (if you haven't finished them already) and happy holidays!


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