Silver Lining: Slashed Appendages

May 24, 2011

Slashed Appendages

So I'm getting surgery tomorrow.

Am I nervous? Maybe kind of a little bit yes. I've never had surgery before okay?? I've never even broken a bone! Or gotten my wisdom teeth out!

Sam took the liberty of scheduling that in my planner:

Followed closely by:

Yet somehow I still color-coded it. It's compulsive, really.

{it's in orange, my least favorite highlighter. Because surgery is.... well.... it definitely won't be my favorite}

But on the bright side, that's three whole days where I don't have to go to class! And you should see the huge stack of movies I have. Not to mention a Jodi Piccoult I can't wait to devour. Be jealous.

I scheduled some overdue posts to put up while I'm delirious from the meds. These posts are about cool things like 6.5 new siblings, $28 lunches, and two-year round trip flight tickets. Assuming I survive my surgery, that is.... :)

P.S. Chick flick count so far: zero, but it won't stay that way for long...


  1. Good luck tomorrow. I'm sure you'll do just fine. And you've got a great male-nurse to take care of you. Haha!

    Let me know if you need any more movies and make sure Sam keeps that popcorn machine full!

  2. Good luck! I feel like 3 days of no class and lots of movies and books almost make it worth it. And keep up on your drugs!

  3. yay. I can't wait to boost the chick flick count.

  4. Brooke! I catch up on your blog when I get a chance, I love how you write and I'm so excited for you. Also I'm sort of a stalker lol. Anyway I'm commenting here because Jodi Picoult is my favorite author and an entire shelf on my bookcase is graced by her books :]

    On another note, and not that it really matters much because you are so loved by so many people, but I'm feeling for you about missing your mom. It's insane how many things I want to call my dad about but unfortunately phones just don't go that far-I couldn't imagine planning a wedding. Your ring is gorgeous and I'm sure she's unspeakably proud of you :]


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