Silver Lining: a boycott: save your innards! don't barf!

August 25, 2011

a boycott: save your innards! don't barf!

I've finally accepted a rather pouty realization.

Nobody wants to hear about married life.

Nobody wants to hear all the gushy details.

Nobody wants to hear any details at all.

Nobody wants to hear that we unpacked our last box in the lovenest, or how I inch my way over to his side of the bed all night, or how he kicks all the blankets into a knot sometimes, or how we love to jog around and end up at the snowcone place, or the dinners I make him, or how he won't let me do the dishes, or the texts we send each other since I work full-time and he works two jobs.

{even though you didn't want to hear about that, I sneakily told you some things anyway. and you fell for it. heehee. better luck next time}

What did I blog about before Sam?

Guess I'll have to come up with something smart to blog about...

the debt ceiling?
tim cook as the new ceo?

dear me. this could be harder than I thought.


  1. Wait a minute! I listened with a sincere smile on my face to all of that on Sunday and loved every minute of it. Sheesh. I guess I don't count... ;(

    PS: How's this for hilarious? My secret code word to post a comment was bessemi, which if taken as spanish and then translated into english means "kiss me." See, even blogger is excited about your lovey, mushy honeymoon life.

  2. Hahaha. Love this. And I do kind of love gushy-ness. Just saying.


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