Silver Lining: Feature Thursday: Katie Allred

October 6, 2011

Feature Thursday: Katie Allred

There are too many amazing people in my life and not enough time.

So, I've decided to begin 

Feature Thursday!

Every Thursday you'll see a blog shout-out to one of the amazing people, faces, or spaces that make my days so happy. I only wish there were more Thursdays in this world.

My very first feature Thursday goes to 

Mrs. Katie Allred

Katie and I were roommates our very first semester of college. It was a completely random rooming assignment. From day one, it was destiny (fate?) (fate worse than death?) (ha.).

Katie is one of the funniest people I know. She always makes me feel better and we always end up laughing, no matter what. 

Case in point: last night we found ourselves crouched on a freezing walkway with adhesive spray on our arms and voice levels that I'm sure the neighbors didn't appreciate. But I'll post more on that later.

Some of the weirdest and best things we've done together:

Recently, were each other's bridesmaids:

Katie is beautiful, smart, funny, and such a natural homemaker (check out her new blog here). I could go on and on about Katie's fabulous qualities.

Oh, and one last thing to ponder at the end of this post: we sometimes have a problem where we both go to kiss each other on the cheek and then we both miss. 

So here's my shout-out. Love you Katie!


  1. I already tried to comment on this but it wouldn't let me! Thank you so much Brooke!!! This is so nice, it made my morning exponentially better, as Senor Chang broke my favorite salt and p shakers, so that was sad, but now I'm happy! love you!

  2. Brooke! I loved your subject of "Feature Thursdays!" I am going to go read a bunch more of your blog now. You are an excellent writer and I just loved how you do your blog. So how are the cute newlyweds, Sam and Brooke, anyway? Have a great week and happy Halloweeeeeen!
    Love, Mama O.

  3. How awesome to have such great friends! You both looked so beautiful on your wedding days.


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