Silver Lining: Feature Thursday: guest post from Emma!

November 10, 2011

Feature Thursday: guest post from Emma!

Today, Emma from Race & Emma is here to say hello. She is awesome. Make sure to check out her blog!


Hey everyone! I'm so excited to be over here on Brooke's blog today! Brooke and I are new blogging friends but I already adore her blog! I love the message that her blog gives to always look for the good even when it's hard to find! What a happy thought!


My name is Emma and I blog over at Race & Emma. I blog about newlywed life {does it still count as newlywed after you've been married for a year?}, teaching myself to sew, outfits I wear, and other random stuff that catches my fancy! Today I wanted to give all of you "Emma's Tips on Winter Dressing". I am fairly new to the whole winter dressing thing as I grew up in Chandler, AZ where it does not get cold. I moved to Flagstaff, AZ where it snows just about as much as it does in Utah. In fact, a couple of years ago it snowed more in Flagstaff than in anywhere else in the US {excluding Alaska}! That year was awesome. Our finals were cancelled! Anyway, I'm off topic! This year will be my fourth winter in my life so here are some little tips and tricks that I have learned on how to stay warm {in no particular order}!

Warm boots are a must have!

Scarves! Wear them over or under your jackets and outfits. 
Either way they keep your neck nice and toasty warm!

Tights! I wear tights with everything! I even wear them under my jeans when it gets super cold. 
But they're much cuter when paired with a skirt or dress!

Cardigans & Sweaters {layers!}
Layer everything with a cardigan or sweater for extra warmth!

Cute coats! Every year I like to add a coat {or two} to my ever-growing collection. 
A cute coat on top of your outfit makes everything just that much classier!
{Other tips: Coats can make a boring outfit look super cute! And every year Old
Navy has coat sales sometime before Christmas where almost all of their 
coats are 50% off. Look for those!!}

Keep those ears nice and cozy with a cute hat or some earwarmers. 
I just learned how to make earwarmers thanks to Pinterest! 

Well, that's all I have for you today! You should come on over to my blog and tell me some of your tips for dressing warm in the winter!! 


And that's about as fashioney as it gets over hurr. Thanks Emma! Check out her blog (there's a blurb about me on it today!) and have a fabulous dressed-for-the-winter Thursday.


  1. i LOOOOVE boots, cute coats, scarves, headwarmers, cardigans and sweaters!! you are adorable girl! i never was into tights, but seeing how cute you look in them has inspired me to try them! :)
    love this post!!

  2. super cute - i'll have to go check out her blog :)

  3. All of those things you just posted are the reasons I love winter. :)


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