Silver Lining: on the practical application of versatility {post more exciting than title suggests}

November 16, 2011

on the practical application of versatility {post more exciting than title suggests}

Last night, during Time To Fall Asleep time, I asked my husband some sleepy questions, which is the only thing to do when it's 12:30 and you have to get up in a few hours.

{Sammy, would you ever consider hanging up antlers in our lovenest? Oh and Sammy, can you take me to Paris one day? etc etc. You know how these things go.}

And then - 

"Sammy? Do you think I'm a versatile person?"

And do you know what? He didn't answer! Passive aggressive, I'd say! He just said goodnight dear like this was any old night! Goodnight dear! The nerve!

This morning, when this great injustice finally dawned on me, I decided to prove the world wrong. I am a versatile person! I said to myself. I am!

And just for that, I stuck on my glasses and wore them all day at school. {also because my eyes were a upset at me for not resting them}.

Tangent: second graders are shocked easily. "Ms Emery, did you get eye surgery?? Ms Emery, how come you have glasses on?? Ms Emery, I want to see if your glasses fit me!"

Additional tangent: second graders also have a hard time saying Mrs. It's Ms. day in and day out. 

I showed my versatility AGAIN when the lesson plan went in the opposite direction of what I had planned.


The epitome of versatility itself, no?

And then, when I got home, I did something crazy and versatile. I made a double batch of jumbalaya for dinner. Was I expecting guests? No sirree. Was I cooking for all of the Ukraine? Nope. Was I just expressing my versatility in yet another way? 

I'll let the evidence speak for itself.

And then, after dinner, I put on lipstick. Bright pink. For no good reason at all. Just slathered it on there and pursed and dabbed and rubbed my lips together like they do in old-fashioned movies. {see? I cross barriers of culture and time. What versatility that trait suggests!}

Husband said "You look weird with that lipstick on."

True. But it was versatile! Right? Right??

Then he had to sit me down {as husbands do} and have a chat with me {as husbands do} about the true definition of versatility {don't tell me mine's the only husband}.

Public service notice: versatility, as defined by Oxford's dictionary 8th ed., does not mean doing random things all day. In fact, the words bright red lipstick were not mentioned once in the entire definition.

But you know what? The real definition of versatility pretty much sounded to me like ADD, what with all the frequent switching between tasks and such. 

So I chose to stick with my version of versatility, to have and to hold, for better or for worse, in sickness and in glasses and in bright pink lipstick. 


  1. This is awesome! :] I love the things you did to be versatile! So fun. And that's funny that Oxford's definition wasn't at all what you were imagining. Also, I like your pink lipstick! I need to be brave and wear lipstick more. I love this post.

  2. LOVE this post! I often find my life being repetitive...Go to work, come home, take the dog on a walk, make dinner, take a bath...get ready to start the day over again. This has really motivated me to make some changes, do something different!

  3. I have been married for 20 years. I'm starting to think I don't belong on this blog anymore. :)

    I've been thinking a lot about you Brooke, as this 2nd Thanksgiving approaches. Love you.

  4. Geneal WilsonNovember 16, 2011

    You are hilarious. You make my day. Love you!!

  5. Your definition is much better. :)

  6. I couldn't stop laughing because of the mental image. I teach kids with ADD...I don't recommend teaching 2nd graders and acting like you have ADD hahaha.

    I am also not versatile ;)

  7. hilarious. i love that sign. i found you from your post over at emmma's {which is super cute, by the way!}<3

  8. brooke, your comment totally made me laugh! yes, yes, very practical to save all of the garbage for him... i'm SO going to tell him "this is what one of my blog friend's said..." :)
    speaking of... HOORAY!! we're now blog friends! thanks for following me, hunn!<3

  9. Your writing is delightful. I had a blast reading this post. Wayyyyyy too cute! And now I want to go try on my own bright pink lipstick. You've inspired me!

  10. p.s. Do you ever do button swapping? I'd love to swap with you if you're interested!

  11. Hey darlin'! you might want to check out my latest post! :)

  12. this post made me smile:) bhaha, you poor dear I totally can relate with the pink lipstick! Except my husband loved it and I wear it almost on a daily basis now hehe.


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