Silver Lining: Joshua trees and delayed TLC

November 22, 2011

Joshua trees and delayed TLC

I'm leaving for Arizona for real in 65 minutes. Approximately.

I'm really excited. Here's my goal: see a real-life Joshua tree! Ever since I saw a glimpse of one way off the highway while driving to my honeymoon that one time, I've been kind of obsessed with them. Also, there are rattlesnakes in Arizona, and I'm hoping I don't see one of those {can you tell I have no idea what to expect?}.

Here's the thing. I love blogging. It's such an outlet for me, and I love reading about all you lovelies and your crazy, cute lives. BUT family is more important, and so I won't be blog stalking you or posting or spending time looking at a computer screen this break. Instead, I'll spend my time looking out for rattlesnakes, and doing other cool Arizona-ish things {she says vaguely to hide her ignorance about all things desert}.

After all, my husband would love to end up in Arizona one day, and so I figure I may need to know what I'm up against before I follow him dutifully to the ends of the earth  :)

So, bye bye for a few days. Sing a little song to yourself when you miss me. It's okay.

And when I get back, I promise to give this little blog the TLC and makeover and giveaway that it needs so very much.

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. I posted over here. Check it out!


  1. Have fun! Arizona...I went there once when I was little. My advice: DO NOT TOUCH THE CACTI. (even if they don't look as pointy as everyone says they are). Hope you have a great break, I'm officially your newest follower!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful vacations, and DO not see a rattle snake! AW!

  3. LOVED reading your guest post. So cute. And. I once went camping at Joshua Tree National Monument. So fun!

  4. Enjoy your break. I agree, holidays are a time for family. Have fun!!

  5. I LOVE Joshua trees! I saw them on my honeymoon to Vegas and had to point out every single one on the way home. They're so cute! Made me want to name a kid Joshua someday. I might be going a little too far with the obsession. But, seriously, they're cute little trees!

  6. When you drive through Joshua Tree country, be sure and listen to U2's The Joshua Tree album.

    And not to burst your bubble, but there are rattlesnakes at your house in Alpine too.

    And last, really? Live in Arizona? Isn't that like, the opposite of Portland?

  7. Have so much fun with family for a few days! Next time you're in AZ we should meet up!! :]

  8. Hey, thanks for following my blog and the comment! Have fun in Arizona :D I wouldn't know what to expect either ;)

  9. have fun and have a great thanksgiving!!!


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