Silver Lining: Feature Thursday: Giveaway Winners!

December 8, 2011

Feature Thursday: Giveaway Winners!

Just a few things on this gorgeous freezing afternoon.

  1. I just got out of my very last class of the semester. Three cheers!
  2. My husband has gone to school dressed up for presentations every day this week. He looks dang good walking around campus if I do say so myself.
  3. This article captivated me.
  4. Winners have been chosen for my first giveaway! I chose them last night via Aactually, I made Husband press the button. It was just too much pressure for me to handle! You can't mess with fate, you know?! {Jen, remember when we drew names for cousin gifts? same thing}
For the beautiful watercolor portrait done by Corina, our winner is.....

Baby Sister who said 

And the MyMemories software giveaway goes to..... Katie! She said

This almost isn't fair, since Katie and I were roommates and best friends for three years straight. But it totally is fair, even ask, and my husband, and fate himself. We're getting together tonight to play around with our cool new software.

P.S. Still want the software? Looking for that perfect gift for that crafty and cute someone? I can offer you a $10 discount on the software AND a $10 gift certificate to the MyMemories store! Use this code at checkout {STMMMS43822}.

Finally, since Every Good Post Should Have A Picture {rule #4 of blogging, didn't you know?}, here's a snapshot of Sam and I. We were just walking in between shots during our bridals. See what I mean about being handsome?



  1. I love your wedding picture! :] Those candid shots are the best! And woohoo for getting done with your last class of the semester! What a relief!

  2. Woot!! I'm so stoked. Thank you for hosting this!! And that picture is so beautiful. I love that you can see the love you share for each other. :)

  3. It's true. I pushed the randomize button, and then there was nothing I could do...which is usually true about my wife's blog...

  4. Sam, you always make me laugh!!

    Brooke, you are amazing and huzzah for finishing class.

    And I'm pretty sure Fate is a she. :D

  5. Yay!!! Thankyou! Tonight was so fun, so excited for the software! I heart my memories!

  6. Love the picture added to the end! Have a good weekend

  7. Looks like that was a fun giveaway! P.S. How was I not following your blog?! :) haha adorable picture!


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