Silver Lining: Tough Break

December 17, 2011

Tough Break

So far it's shaping up to be a real tough Christmas break.

1 // My aunt and uncle (who are pretty rad) took us to Salt Lake to see an amazing Christmas concert. MoTab, twirly dancers, fake snow from the ceiling, and a guy who sounds like Gaston. Cool, right? Not to mention they treated us to Red Robin beforehand {oh sweet heaven those freckled lemonades}.

2 // What's the perfect occasion to open these truffles? There's no opportunity like the present, right? Carpe diem and all that newsie stuff? I mean, it's not like I'm going to sit there and just gaze at them until the world ends.

3 // We were at Temple Square today. This pic is actually from when I went last week with the Cooks and the Gringeris, but hey, who's counting.

4 // BOOKS!! Real live books! Not textbooks! The kind you keep on your bedside table! I'm already on my second in 24 hours. It's okay. I'll just go to Binge Readers Anonymous after break.

5 // Us at temple square, again. Photo cred goes to Elisabeth, again.

6 // Hello new ornaments on our tree. Welcome to the lovenest.

7 // You guys. This is what happens when you ask the old person behind you to take a picture at the concert, and then you stand there wasting away your fertile years and he doesn't figure out how to press the button until you have gray hair and you least expect it. By that point, you need joint replacements, and you don't feel like asking for a retake.

8 // Mint M&Ms. No explanation needed.

9 // Just a little Linus and Lucy. 'Tis the season.

2 more days till my birthday :)


  1. That sounds like so much fun!!! I still have 2 more days of school (work school) before my break starts!! I'm so jealous ;)

  2. such a fun little date night :) and yes, it looks like you[re having a really rough break

  3. For me, it was the French Fries and Deseret Book when you said, "My aunt is an author." Yeah.

    Enjoy your Japanese WWII book!

  4. Yes. Number 4. All the way. And mint m&ms?? They are one of my favorite parts of the season!!

  5. seven is hilarious. this reminds me of good laughs with the cousins last night at my g-parents house when we had our family Christmas there. my grandaddy was taking a picture of all the grandkids on the porch that night...he took several pictures and said "oh that's a good one!" When we looked at them later...they were like 500 feet away from us.
    p.s. i realllly apprecaite your comment today. your words made me smile.(: i know right?!...what in the world is the correct term for raining\sun shining?!

  6. Mint M&M's, I want to try some of those!

  7. 1. I love this.
    2. We totally thought he sounded like Gaston too!
    3. Similar picture taken of Matt and I at the Christmas concert. Its actually a cute picture of us, but you can't see a bit of what's behind us. Haha. :)
    Happy break!!! :)

  8. O.M.G. Did you just make a NEWSIES reference? How are we not best friends already??

    Someone suggested your blog to me and I'm so glad I stopped by!

    I love your list. And now I want Red Robin.


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