Silver Lining: Self Portrait

January 31, 2012

Self Portrait


Just wait one more second,
one quick stab of the smallest needle.
I'll be different then.

in 1600
when love's labour's were not lost.

Those shadowy mountains,

those bright morning mountains,
those lambent sunset mountains.

Inhaling the sagebrush air-
gasping for green coolness
800 miles away.

A dusty brocade journal
with a hand-written letter tucked in the front
written all in cursive. One spelling mistake.

Parents gulping poison
and regurgitating waste.
They say "just fix my kid."
I say "your kid has a name."

Two pairs of knees
on the threadbare carpet
at midnight

and commonplace angels that invite you to dinner.

The day we dissected a primrose in class.
Tore it apart
with a knife and our fingernails
to see if a soul was inside.

And now - 
one single tick that could be
a quick kiss,
a car door
a smile
a revelation -
and now, I'm someone else.


Dedicated to my aunt Julie. Thank you for inspiring me to write, and for being my wedding escort/planner /everything. Thank you for the dinners and the love, and most of all, thank you for saving my life that winter. Happy birthday.

Compare this self portrait to the one I did about a year ago. I wrote this with all-new material, but it contains a lot of old elements. Just like me, I guess.


  1. Oh my gosh Brooke! That's beautiful. And brought about a thousand tears to my eyes. I would have been lost without you!

    Check my blog because I gave you an award!! Yipee!

  2. I am so excited that you paid my little blog a visit. And I was also delighted that upon my first visit to yours, I was greeted with this post. Wow. Absolutely beautiful.

  3. That is a seriously awesome poem! I love it!
    Just dropping by from Hollie's linkup!


  4. This is so beautiful. It sounds like a thousand stories are in that poem. Never let that gift of writing go :)

  5. Brooke, you are too sweet. Thanks for your kind comment! And what a beautiful way to express yourself. True talent and beauty.


  6. beautiful! Just had fun catching up on your blog. I haven't exactly been very inspired lately for my own blog... Hopefully more to come from me once we move! lol. I love your blog


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