Silver Lining: molten glass date night

February 28, 2012

molten glass date night

Last week, the mister and I went to a studio to make flowers out of molten glass (technically, out of a molten silica-mineral combination}.

First, we looked at all the creations on display in the gallery.
{I spy a fish}

Then, we saw the wall of all the stained glass this studio has made for temples and cathedrals around the world. Right now, they're working on the stained glass for the Rome temple.

Then, we got to make our own flowers. Like, heavy gloves, molten glass, and everything. It was so fun, and the guys in the studio were easy going and so funny. Also, a 3,000-degree oven and a blowtorch were involved.

Et voila! The final products. 

Hers: dragonfire orange, periwinkle and transparent purple.

His: darker, more evenly shaped, rust red and midnight blue.

Reason #306: he plans the best dates for us. Thanks dear.


  1. Wow that's super pretty and very impressive! I like the one the kind of looks like a poppy in the first picture.

    - Sarah

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  3. Umm you are so dang cool! And so cultured! The opera and now stained glass... Wow Brooke!


  4. I love stained glass. It is so cute. I am glad you all enjoyed your date? looks like a Hawaiian flower but I could be wrong.

  5. So pretty! Was this at Thanksgiving Point? I have been wanting to go do this!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  6. That is seriously so cool! I want to do something like this! What a perfect date!!

  7. Those are way cool. We're going to have to go there.

    The funny thing is, I know exactly where you set those glass flowers to take the pictures. Haha!

  8. That is sooo awesome!
    How fun :)

  9. whoa. that is literally the coolest thing ever. hubs and i need to get better at planning cool dates.


  10. that is so awesome brooke!

  11. This is SUCH a cool thing to do!
    ♡ Lexi
    FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

  12. That is sooo cool!! Where is that studio??


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