Silver Lining: writing letters on a spring evening

March 14, 2012

writing letters on a spring evening

Dear spring flowers,
Yes please.

Dear sixth graders,
You're hilarious. Thanks for asking if flatulent is a real word.

Dear neighborhood,
Today on my run, I said hi to three different neighbors. I felt like I belonged. Thank you.

Dear husband,
You make a funny face when you concentrate really hard. It's cute.

Dear cold,
What the? Could you be allergies or something?

Dear old roommates,
I love you. Being together is still such a blast.

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  1. I love watching the faces that Boyfriend makes. They're so fun. :) I hope your cold goes away soon!!

  2. Spring has sprung in these parts too and it is the BEST!

  3. you seriously are too cute.

    i love your blog!

  4. Dear Brooke,

    There is a chance you might be jumping the gun on the whole spring thing. And are you sure you should be teaching your kids words like flatulent? Some parents...

  5. Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous! I need some to grace my windowsill. :] I loved all of these little letters!

  6. Flatulence is the BEST word.
    Did you teach them about WAFTING, too? :)

  7. aw, super pretty pic of you & your friends!

  8. very cute letters! I love that you said hi to your neighbors while running! That is so fun! thanks for linking up!

  9. I am new to your blog and I absolutely love the picture of you and your husband in the about me section. So gorgeous in all of those flowers! And very cute letters :-)

  10. Ok, you are adorable!! So glad I found your blog. Xo

  11. Brooke you don't know this, but I come here often. Love what you write and how you write. I was asked to nominate five bloggers for Liebster Awards, and you, my dear, are one. I just couldn't resist. Had to share the love...


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