Silver Lining: the glorious tree on my front walk

April 13, 2012

the glorious tree on my front walk

Right outside my front door lives a magnificent tree. It's full of blossoms, and fuzzy bumble bees. And oh the sweet heavenly smell!

Each morning when I walk outside, I say hello to the tree.

"It's a splendid life we live, isn't it?" I say. And the tree says back "just so, my dear. Just so."

Then the tree, and myself, and the bumble bees go on our merry way.


  1. That indeed is a beautiful tree and a wonderful morning ritual :)

  2. Wow! Beautiful photos, especially the second one! :)

    Holly :)
    Just dropping by from #FF!

  3. What lovely pictures...the tree is beautiful!

  4. That tree is beautiful! I'd love to say hi to it every morning :)

  5. If I recall, that is a peach tree. Yummy breakfasts in the summer!

  6. These are really lovely, peach blossoms right?

  7. That tree really is absolutely gorgeous! I love that you and the tree carry on a conversation! Just splendid!!


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