Silver Lining: five things on a Thursday morning

May 17, 2012

five things on a Thursday morning

1. My best friend Amanda asked me to be her bridesmaid, and I'm going to have to say no. It's so incredibly sad. I guess I do have a real life job after all.

2. OregonOregonOregon. Can't stop thinking about going there for our one year anniversary trip.

3. My brother's the valedictorian at his huge high school. He's such a smarty pants.

4. One of each of these summer colors, please.

5. We're off to babysit my little siblings this weekend. I'm so excited. Sam and I love playing mom and dad, (more commonly known as tickle monster and dinner maker).

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  1. gosh real life just gets in the way sometime.
    also i want one of every color as well. they are perfect.


  2. Those colors are pretty cute!
    It's been my lifelong dream to be a bridesmaid, and at this point it's not looking good. One friend told me you can't be a bridesmaid after you're married, and since I got married before most of my friends I guess I got ruled out :( But I think that's a silly rule! I'm sorry you're missing out on it, real jobs stink sometimes.

  3. Loving all those colors!! And isn't babysitting so much fun when the kids adore you? :)

  4. darn, real life kinda sucks sometimes...
    found you at Crowley Party :)


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