Silver Lining: The Inner Rockstar In You

May 31, 2012

The Inner Rockstar In You

Yesterday I went to an outdoor concert. The audience sat on picnic blankets on the lawn, and the performers were students who are into acoustic. Some of the performers are still perfecting their technique... but it was fun nonetheless.

Which got me thinking... doesn't everyone secretly want to be a rockstar? Isn't there some sort of inner urge that compels people to take beginning guitar classes and sign up for ward talent shows?

I'm taking a beginning guitar class this spring. It was one of those things where on the first day of class, everyone has to stand up and say their name and why they took the class. Almost everyone said "I want to be in a band," or "I wanna play something that sounds really cool."

{Except me, who said "This is the last class I have to take for my minor, and it looked really easy  fun." I don't know, the guitar just has never spoken to me like other instruments have?}

This is my mom's nylon string that I use. I do have to admit it's pretty sweet. Also, this is photographic evidence that I can, in fact, go an entire day without nail polish.

Am I right, though? Doesn't everyone crave performing, even to their shower head or dashboard? Don't hairbrush performances to your mirror count for something? And who's stopping us from becoming famous, right?

So here's to the inner rockstar in all of us. May we all end up on a stage with floodlights, a maxi skirt, a few woven bracelets, and a voice like Ingrid.


  1. oh my gosh, yes i would like to be ingrid. she's prefect.


  2. AnonymousMay 31, 2012

    It all started with our high school musical impersonations :)

  3. I've always loved the guitar. Not to join a band necessarily, just because I love the instrument.

  4. Is it bad that the guitar is one instrument that I, the music major, am still completely baffled by? I can tune a guitar, but I still don't know how to play it. I can play a freaking bassoon, for heaven's sake, but not the guitar. :-/

  5. I'm the one who picked out that guitar for your mother! I'm glad it's still getting use.

    And HOLY COW! How am I so far behind on reading your blogs!


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