Silver Lining: little bits of life lately

June 25, 2012

little bits of life lately

Buffalo Peak, 2012

+ We were poolside for a majority of the weekend. I'm a jump in and play girl, not a just sit and tan girl.

+ He can't sleep with the sheets tucked in, and I can't sleep with them out. The result: a half-in-half-out, lopsided bed. It's goofy-looking and I love it.

+ During the days, we work. During the evenings, we play. Sam also does his gre prep course, and we both revel in the glory of having no classes this term.

+ I'm drawing diagrams of my classroom, drafting lesson plans, and getting just so excited to teach in the fall. Also, I'm kind of scared out of my mind.

+ Sunday naps are not just an activity around here. They're more of a way of life.

+ To my new blog friends - hi :) Stick around for a while. If you're a new follower, be sure to let me know so I can return the favor.

+ Someday, we want babies and a kitchen table that we own, and maybe even a tiny house, but for right now, we are loving being poor, newlywed, crazy in love college kids. Life is good.


  1. Sunday naps are sacred in our house! The whole family takes one, no exceptions :)

  2. This post is so cute! Enjoy being newlyweds, the rest will come :), also, totally agree on the Sunday naps - or every day naps!

  3. ah i'm so so so jealous of your life, you don't even know. i can't wait for the days of no classes. our days are more like, i go to work, then class and 7-7 kind of day. the hubby goes to his internship and then works. no fun. you keep having all of the fun and naps for us :)


  4. oh sunday naps! where not even a herd of elephants can wake us up!
    my husband like the sheets untucked also, maybe because he is 6'4 and his feet hang off the edge.

  5. I'm definitely more of a tan girl and sunday naps are the best!

  6. Haha, being poor, crazy in love newlyweds is the best :)

  7. I would much rather play than tan too! I don't tan anyways, so it's fairly pointless. And good luck with classroom plans! I'd be terrified/excited too.

  8. Gorgeous picture!!! You two are living such a wonderful life and I so enjoy reading about it! :)

  9. a pool weekend sounds so nice, as do sunday naps :)

  10. I love this! :) And the poor crazy college newlywed life is so much fun! I'm glad for the time my husband and I had doing all that before we got pregnant! Also, I will never be a sit and tan girl either! I love to jump in and play!!

  11. You guys are off to a great start! I'm a little jealous of those early days. Life was so simple and fun.


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