Silver Lining: The Power of Work

June 6, 2012

The Power of Work

Working together as a couple has a lot of power. When two people work together, they grow closer together, practice teamwork and problem-solving, and learn how to complement each other's personalities. The result is a product or experience that is unique and meaningful to just the two of you.

When my best friend/sister got married, her and her husband worked together to create a lamp from scratch. He did the electrical wiring, and she assembled shards of a mirror to reflect the bulb's light {I wish I had a picture to show off their creativity! It was really awesome.}

While Sam and I probably don't have the creativity to start completely from scratch, we do want to make something together this summer. I'm looking for ideas for something to hang above the headboard in our bedroom.

Here's what I've been playing around with:



dream catcher

block letters

melted crayon art above our bed? would that be too... young?

repurposed shutters

Your opinions? Ideas? Have you created something cool?

Regardless of what we choose, it will be fun to make memories together and produce something beautiful for the lovenest. I love working on projects with the Mister.

P.S. We're also building a rocket together. Way cool, right? More details to come!

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  1. I like the canvas and the crayons. Totally cool!!

  2. i love the crayon art & the shutters! or the dreamcatcher! that's totally cute. anything you do will be awesome, i'm sure (:

  3. i really want to make a headboard for our room as well. i really like like a pallet thats been refinished or something like that. or wood slabs with a simple design on it or something. i think i have one on pinterest.


  4. I LOVE LOVE the second picture (the one with paper flowers). Cute ideas!

  5. amazing post dear! Gorgeous blog! Following! Hope you'll follow me back! <3

  6. I like this idea...I think working together on baby's room
    And Purchasing baby Items has definitely brought
    Us Together!! I
    Like the
    Canvas idea!

  7. What great ideas! I did a lot of DIY decorating when I moved into my house... I like the second one the best! LOVE your blog... I'm your newest follower :)

  8. How am I always so behind on your blog? Sheesh. I need to waste more time on the internet.

    All of the above are awesome and knowing you, you'll come up with the perfect idea that reflects who you both are and what you want to become.

    Have fun.

  9. Thank you so much for visiting me and following. I am following back.
    Congrats on the marriage license!
    Love the block letters (no pun intended)haha). Where can I get some? Leave me a note on my blog please! The repurposed shutters?!?! AWESOME!
    Like your sense of humor! How's the rocket building coming along?

    Enjoy your weekend.

    XOXO Dana

  10. That flower canvas is amazing! I don't know if my husband and I would have the patience to work on such an intricate project together... because, let's be honest, I barely have the patience for DIY projects, even if I'm by myself. But I love the ones you posted!!!


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