Silver Lining: Craft or Crapft?

July 11, 2012

Craft or Crapft?

My awesome friend on crafting {or is it crapfting?}:

Note: All images are from her wedding (which I think was the day before my wedding? or something?). They don't have to do with crafts, but they are just too gorgeous not to share.

Craft Night

I’m not good at crafts. I am an atypical Mormon woman because I have no special gift for turning a pinecone into an ornament. I must have missed the “why crafting is part of our eternal progression” lesson during Achievement Days.

Anyways, I have several very beautiful, extremely talented friends who love to craft, and who are progressing into eternity nicely because they are quite good at—well—everything involving yarn or sequins. They host these elaborate craft nights (aptly titled, “Relief Society Nights”), complete with a trip to Michaels, where I inevitably spend more money than I will time on making my craft worth it. And I go—I always go—because, well, I like my friends, but not the craft.

That’s not entirely true. I like the theory of crafting. I sometimes like the idea of having the craft. I look at Pinterest, and you know what? Sometimes I do think my life would be more complete if I had a bracelet made out of the pages of a book. And every time I go to Craft Night with a fresh optimism that this craft will turn the tides and will awaken the potential painter, seamstress, “crochetist,” or cookie decorator within. But the sad fact is: my fingers aren’t nimble and my patience is meager, so while my friends produce beautiful headbands and pillow shams, cakes and beanies, I have none of these things. When all is said and done, after all my money, effort and patience is expended, I am inevitably left with “crapft.”

Oh Sierra. You are hilarious. {And can anyone even get over those pictures??}

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Are you a crafter or a crapfter? 

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