Silver Lining: it's a filtered kind of life

September 24, 2012

it's a filtered kind of life

It was a crazy busy, recovering from illness, partying on the weekend type of week and I loved it.

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// fall is here
//  my little brother vs. my students in junior league football
// loved these flowers
// smashburger
// he always makes me laugh
//  bow and embroidered journal via Claire
// veggie stir fry for dinner

From around the Internet:

// The lovely Bri loves Halloween, and is not afraid to show it! I love that girl's style (clothing and decorating and otherwise)!
// Sierra captures all the experiences and feelings of a first year teacher I wish I was eloquent enough to say for myself. Loved this recent pic of her students.


  1. everytime I tell someone I have a stomach ache the first question is, "are you pregnant?" it's so freaking annoying.

    looks like your weekend rocked!

  2. so cute, as always!


  3. What a wonderful weekend. Yay, for fall! Hope you are feeling better!! Have a great week! xo Heather

  4. Nice pictures. You really have a good eye for photography!


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