Silver Lining: little silver linings lately

September 21, 2012

little silver linings lately

this happened yesterday. more pics to come.

On the plus side

Doesn't it seem that just

When you're exhausted and sick of being sick

You get a little better

Which is about the time you have one of those quiet miracle moments

And have a much-needed chat with a girlfriend

After your husband makes you feel like a hundred chocolate-covered cinnamon bears

And before you take pictures

To gear up for the weekend

Which promises to be just what you needed

{Like always}

To help you remember

That your life is full of silver linings

And the best family of 29 ten-year-olds

And the occasional well-timed word of affirmation, picture in the park, and bowl of ice cream.


  1. Hooray for weekends. Every monday I'm never sure if I'll actually make it to the weekend. So every time I do, it's a little miracle. See you tonight! (Right? You're coming?)

  2. I couldn't have said it better. I see a silver lining riiighhttt when I'm just about to give up. And I second Julie. Hooray for the freakin weekend.

  3. so glad you're feeling better. now i want ice cream! haha



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