Silver Lining: Parasites are worth it

September 4, 2012

Parasites are worth it

Days off are glorious.

After a lovely morning of sleeping in and watching Psych and eating popcorn at 10 in the morning, Sam and I headed off to the Mona Rope Swing with some of our very favorite friends and their cute baby.

Mona = small town in the middle of nowhere Utah

Mona Ponds (Burriston Ponds) = random large pond in the middle of the middle of nowhere town. It wasn't terribly dirty, but there was definitely that pond smell. It's fine until you ingest a little bit of it from screaming as you go off the rope swing, and then you feel like gagging and you're sure you have a parasite or two. No big deal.

P.S. Leslie's Family Tree is a great place for lunch, Reese is a great name for a darling baby that comes with you, and dice games + ice cream + friends is the best way to finish off the evening.

Don't you LOVE days off??
What made your Labor Day the best ever?


  1. That baby is so precious!!! What a fun day.

  2. i've wish i would of gone. i've always wanted to go to the mona swing, but never had the change, nor do i know where its at. but this looks awesome!


  3. Those pics look like a blast. And as cute as your blog is and as fun as you look to follow, I must say the best thing about you is you watch PSYCH!! Ha. That's mine and my husbands FAVORITE tv show ever! Newest follower via the blog hop! Hopefully we can be new bloggy buds that talk about season 7. Ha!

  4. How have I never heard of the Mona rope swings? Looks like tons of fun. We should figure out how to make something like that at Hebgen.

  5. You guys are so adventurous I would be so scared to get on that rope swing. By the way what an adorable baby.

    New follower from the blog hop

  6. im screaming amen to the days off are glorious statement..really am haha

    have a great night! drop by and say hi!

  7. Ummm yeah... your labor day was much more entertaining than mine. Looks like you had fun!


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