Silver Lining: the old familiar itch

September 7, 2012

the old familiar itch

Last year around this time, I was feeling super crafty. DIY, decorating the lovenest, the whole thing. I thought it was just because I had an empty home I needed to beautify. Or maybe it was a newlywed domestic thing. Either way, it only stayed for fall.

But now - this fall, I'm feeling that same little itch. New pins are finding their way onto my pinterest boards, and I'm collecting rolls of twine and ribbon. I guess it was a fall thing after all?

Regardless, here's what I've been doing lately -

finding blank headbands that need upcycling, and old scraps of fabric and ribbon

putting the ribbon and fabric on the headbands

et voila! 
(I knew there was a reason I took French for four years. So I could say et voila! on my blog.) 

I love the mismatched look, and the tiny loose threads. To me, it adds uniqueness to the headbands. (I originally got the idea from this post.)

Anyone else get the itch?
Also, tell me about cute crafts to make. I'm in the mood :)


  1. voila is a great french word to know - it drives me crazy to see "wa-la!"

  2. Haha people actually type out wa-la? Actually, that doesn't surprise me. Very cute headbands! I'm not crafty at all, but I have to prove it to myself several times a year. Then I remember and give up for a couple months.

  3. they look great! i have the itch to do crafts all the time, 24-7, 365, but sadly i never have time. but really i have so many ideas, instead i just spend all of my time in the ceramics lab.


  4. I've been crafting like crazy lately! I chalked it up to moving to a new place plus boredom, but I just randomly get super crafty!
    Recently, I've done a gallery wall, painted our bathroom, made a maxi skirt, and made a paint chip calendar. I'm always posting tutorials on what I've done on my blog!

  5. I have to agree with Dara. Wa-la?!! Lame.

    You should see these cute clipboards Maren made for her birthday party.

  6. I get the itch!!!! But I'm not as good about actually acting on the itch as you seem to be. And it's only fall that gives me the itch. There's just something about it!

  7. Oh I love this!!!

    How about a Halloween wreath?! (maybe it's a southern thing to a wreath on your door year round) but that's what I'm doing this weekend!

  8. These are so cute! Now I'm in the mood to craft :)

  9. Your hair is so pretty!

    I'm stopping in from the Friday Chaos blog hop. I'm one of the co-hosts and I'm glad you linked up!

    I hope you have a great weekend!


  10. I looove the headbands (I'm a bit headband crazy and these ones are absolutely adorable, and diy!)

  11. I get the itch to craft anytime when I've been away from it for a few weeks. I often have an embroidery project gong that I can just take up during an idle evening while watching a movie with my husband.

  12. Cute, I totally went through a headband crafting stage about two years ago. Now I have like 30 headbands, lol.


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