Silver Lining: bliss is called a five-day weekend

October 4, 2012

bliss is called a five-day weekend

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but fall break is next weekend and I'm so excited.

We're not doing anything too crazy (husband doesn't have a fall break, so he'll be in school), but there's something so exciting about the fact that I can go grocery shopping or go for a run IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY, instead of late at night when I get home from work.

Also, I'm planning on making one of these crafts:

via Pinterest

And hopefully taking a trip up to Park City for the Alpine Slide {has anyone been there? Is it awesome?}


Meanwhile, I'm trying to stop dreaming and focus on parent teacher conferences this week! And blissful fall break next week....

What else should I do on my break?
Big things? Small things? Fall things?


  1. I'm jealous, a 5 day weekend!

  2. The Alpine Slide is hands down the best thing you can do in Park City. YOu know, besides the shopping and the skiing... Just remember, go balls to the wall here. No braking, or else you won't get the full experience. :)

  3. Sleep in! That should be the number one priority of every extra long weekend. And watching some good movies on the big screen at your aunts house!

  4. I am so jealous. Spend the whole five days in the mountains for me! haha Definitely go to park city- do the outlets and the slide, it is fun!

  5. Way jealous! I miss getting Tuesdays off and getting to run my errands in the middle of the day in the middle of the week when no one else was around...sigh:(

    I love the DIY s you chose, burlap is so cheap but has so many cute things to do

  6. im so jealous. stupid byu give me a freaking fall break. not kidding, i want it. i just want time to go grocery shopping so that ryan and i aren't forced into being anorexic. well i'll take it, but he can't cause he'd die. so jealous.


  7. I just did the Alpine Slide thing this summer! Just don't get roped into buying the packaged deals for the coaster or zip line - not that great. Go straight for the slide, always the best!
    It's definitely not too soon to be excited for a break! Heck, I'm excited for Thanksgiving already... ;)

  8. Our fall break and parent-teacher conferences are coming up too. No matter how many years I've taught, I think it will ALWAYS make me nervous! Can't help it. I wish you luck at your conferences!

  9. I went on a slide like that in Oregon a long time ago and it was really fun. Keep all your limbs inside the sled, though. Matt crashed and got an 8 inch burn on his arm. But I think he still thought it was worth it! Have an awesome break.


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