Silver Lining: I inadvertently made a Christmas craft

October 9, 2012

I inadvertently made a Christmas craft

I made a ton of yarn pom poms the other day. They don't take a lot of concentration, so they're easy to do while you're talking to someone or watching TV. {The fluffier the yarn, the better the pom pom.}

Best results achieved when you make them with little sister. 

I had quite the little armada of pom poms when I suddenly looked down and realized-

I was making Christmas colors.

I had red, and burgundy, and green (which looks blue in these pictures), and some neutral colors. What else could it be besides a Christmas craft??

I mean, it's barely fall. Isn't my sub-conscious jumping a little too quickly to the holidays?

But hey, what's done is done. Now I'll string the pom poms together to make a Christmas tree garland. And embrace the fact that my inner self is on a season of its own, thank you very much.

Maybe it's not too early to make Christmas crafts anyway?
Other things I could do with the pom poms?


  1. Christmas crafts. Just consider yourself ultra prepared for the season this year :)

  2. i dont think it is super christmasy and nothing is wrong with christmasy

  3. Cutest idea ever! I love the idea of making a garland for the Christmas tree. And don't worry when I was at Michaels a few weeks ago I definitely bought some Christmas decorations. So it's never too early! Popping over from the GFC blog hop and loving your blog!

  4. Hi! I co-hosted the Return the Favor Blog hop last week and am just now getting around to checking out the link-ups and following because I was sick. :( Feeling much better now!

    Those are the cutest little pom poms! :)

    Hope you're having an awesome day!


  5. haha so cute brooke :)

  6.'s never too early to start celebrating Christmas! My daughter came home from school today humming Christmas carols. :o) I think it's the change in seasons. We're all subconsciously prepping for Christmas, I guess!

  7. Hi, I am a new follower from the follower to friend's bloghop. Cute idea. I will have to dig out my yarn and do these cute little crafts with my daughter. Who would have thought it'd be that easy! You could make them into Christmas Ornaments or something! It is definitely not too early for Christmas things right now! By the way, awesome name ;-).

  8. i don't think its too early to make christmas crafts.

  9. I can't wait to see the whole garland! And it's never too early for Christmas crafts! Less stress later, right?!

  10. Cute little puff-balls! I bet the girls loved making those! PS: How do I get so behind on you blog so fast? Your a blogging demon!

    PSS (or is it PPS?): Also please note that I left off a question mark at the end of my first PS question and had to fix it. SEE?! I have question mark issues!


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