Silver Lining: If your district forces you to take a 5-day weekend...

October 16, 2012

If your district forces you to take a 5-day weekend...

spend it sleeping in, reading, and trying to convince your husband to skip school {little bugger has more resolve than I thought}. If you can, throw in a few lunch dates, some roommate reunions, a good pumpkin smashing session, and ice skating. Get hopelessly lost in a corn maze. Bonus points if you bake delicious things or find a cute baby to hang out with.

(oh, and a photo shoot by K! I'm sure I'll post a million pictures later.)

Bless fall break. Bless fall break's very soul, and bless Utah's big game hunting season that started it all.

I feel so refreshed and ready to jump back into teaching today. I missed my crazy kids over the long weekend!

Anyone else experience the wonders of fall break for the first time?
And isn't it wonderful??


  1. still so jealous you got a fall break. stupid byu, why is that we refuse to celebrate like every holiday in the whole entire universe? we don't get a spring break we should at least get a fall break. we are such losers. haha, sorry for my rant. anyways, love this picture.


  2. love this picture
    it was so fun taking pictures and they turned out so great! <3

  3. Such a cute photo! And I'm glad you had such a good break! :) Nice choice on the mustard/flower print combo!

    What's in a Name?


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