Silver Lining: when life gets filtered

October 19, 2012

when life gets filtered

Weekends are the bread of life around here.

This weekend, we're off to a wedding tonight and the Alpine Slide tomorrow. Plus sleeping in, reading and watching football games. It's a cold, crisp fall day and I'm excited.

P.S. What did I do before instagram?

(jump on the bandwagon: @brookejanette)

crafting: paint strips and new decor above our headboard

girl time: shopping with my friend & her cute baby and ice skating with my sisters

main squeeze: a maize maze and Sunday snuggles

this town called Provo: I love the rain and our first live football game of the year

yes, those are as bright as you think and oreo dessert pizza {the best, if I do say so myself}

 What are you doing this weekend?
And let me know your IG name so we can be friends!


  1. You are going to love the alpine slide! it is seriously a lot of fun! And that dessert pizza looks fabulously delicious, I want it in my mouth!

  2. Yay for weekends and sleeping in!

  3. Such cute pics!!

  4. Love the photos! I think I want your weekends sometimes ;0

  5. love the photos! found you on the gfc blog hop! im on instagram. @justajerseygirl

    newest follower


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