Silver Lining: life through the rise filter

November 20, 2012

life through the rise filter

& a few other filters, too.

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the holidays are here// winter sunsets & mint mms

little// sisters & students that give you money

happenings// sick day snuggles & days where school gets out early

snow// threats & beauty

creating// pottery & a thankful jar

P.S. 10  more hours until Thanksgiving Break!


  1. Ah! Enjoy your break! And love the format on this. Mint M and M's are definitely a holiday staple in our house :)

  2. Nice pictures! Sometimes ten more hours can be forever!!! I hope we get a chance to see you over the break. Happy break!

  3. I love your snow pictures. I love the first snowfall...all the rest, not so much, but the first? is magical. Still waiting for ours here!

  4. Love how you feature your instagram photos. So different from what everyone else does! Thanks for sharing. P.S. I love your snowy/wintery pictures. Makes me want a white Christmas real bad.

  5. Hi! I'm Sam, stopping by from Followers to Friends hop! Your blog is so cute, and the more I scrolled, the more I loved.. all the Christmasy pictures definitely brightened my mood this morning!

    I love the style of your most recent post too. I love people who can take a minute and appreciate the little things in life! :)

    New follower!


  6. Super cute blog! Found you on blog hop! New follower:)


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