Silver Lining: the day I stopped wearing pants + a blogger meet-up

November 15, 2012

the day I stopped wearing pants + a blogger meet-up

Nobody panic. They were two separate days.

Here's the story: I got a pair of leggings. $5 of black, stretchy, perfect-length leggings. And then, just for fun, I wore them around the house when I got home. Then I wore them to bed. Then I wore them most of the next day. And the next. 

Then my moral high ground of Leggings Are Not Pants started getting foggier and foggier as the days got colder and colder and my leggings got comfier and comfier (you guys! comfier is actually a word! I googled it and everything). 

And here we are. I've worn this outfit at home four times this week, and I don't really plan on wearing regular pants again. (and honestly, women survived for thousands of years without pants. are they really necessary?)

P.S. Somehow I forgot to mention I went to a blogger meet-up last week. The darling Gentri Lee was the host, and you guys, the skirt she had on was one of the top 5 best skirts of all-time. Complete with a gigantic bow in the back. Check out her post about the meet-up for more amazing sponsors, food and make-up!

P.P.S. Turns out this isn't the first time I've posted about not wearing pants...


  1. I love leggins! I wear them to the store all the time and dont think twice about it hahahaha


  2. Dudeeee. THE most comfortable article of clothing a pregnant women can wear. And some how, my leggings disappeared in the move and I have none to wear :(

  3. Hi there Brooke!

    Stopping in from the Friday Chaos hop, glad to be a new follower!
    I love the outfit, looks comfy and actually alot like something you could
    find me in throughout the week (stay at home mom here, comfy is best!)
    Hope you have an amazing weekend, don't be a stranger!


  4. if i would rock from the leggings, i totally. would. found and following via the hop!

  5. I love that outfit! I just bought pants from Kohls but they look like leggings. They are comfy and they make an outfit actually look really cute. I plan to live it up in them and NO we don't need pants. I kinda wish it was like when we had to wear skirts all the time, HAH. I love dresses.

  6. I've ALWAYS thought pants were overrated.

  7. Pants... Shmants! Haha. I love leggings! Way to rock them!

  8. pants are over-rated. i am thinking even though i have put up much fight i may need to get some jeggings!! i hear they are amazing. i have leggings but, i still feel weird going in public in them. haha! jeggings?! haha :)

  9. Ah! You need to look for Gap's thermal leggings. I pretty much wear them everyday, under everything or just by themselves.

  10. pants are necessary for public though. i love leggings, but i hate when people wear them in public and i can see their butt through them, thats still never ok. however, pants are never necessary in the house, like never.


  11. I love this! I resisted it for SOOOO long but then I caved and bought the five dollar basic target leggings and I NEVER TAKE THEM OFF. I totally understand this!

  12. It's hard to live the rule of leggings are not pants once you put them on! I am sad when I take then off.

  13. I swear to god I live in legging. I even double-legging it if it's cold. Yup. Thats a word too. I swear. I just bought a pair of those winter snow scene leggings and I've been living in them. :)))


  14. Leggings can definitely be pants.... so long as the shirt is long enough, right? Right. Definitely true. And hooray!

  15. New follower from the weekend blog hop, would love for you to come by and follow back and join my blog hop?

  16. Fits just as it is described. I got so many compliments when I wore it out that it was probably one of the best dress purchases I've ever made! And at a fraction of the cost.
    Brandy Melville Dresses


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