Silver Lining: the last of the fall light

November 13, 2012

the last of the fall light

last week, K came over to see the furry one i live with, and we ended up taking a few pictures. it was the last gorgeous fall day before the storm hit. the sunset light was red, and was doing fabulous things to my hair and fabulously freaky things to my teeth {seriously. i had to whiten my teeth in one of these pictures, not to make them white, but to get rid of the red glow. talk about freaky.}

also, K's building more clientele for her photography website, so if you're halfway cute and need some pictures, ask her :)

Anyone else feel like fall is unofficially over? We did the whole corn maze, caramel apple, fall leaves, crisp mornings, and back to school thing, and now I'm feeling a good case of the heated homes and holiday candles and snowmen coming on :)


  1. These are some great photos!

  2. These are awesome pictures!! You look so cute!!

  3. Pretty sure I need those shoes you're wearing! haha Cute photos!

  4. Well, look at you, you little cutie!!

  5. Aww you look so pretty!! For us in Arizona, it feels like fall is just beginning! Hahaha!

    Btw, I nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award :) Check it out on my blog!


  6. I love the backdrop of all the leaves.. super pretty!! You're right the lighting is gorgeous!
    Nikki at

  7. Super cute pictures!! And nice photography. Welcome to winter. We'll probably get a few more days of fall, but then it will be cold, dry, and barren for a looong time. Welcome to Utah.

  8. Great photos! You look adorable and everything looks extremely fall. I too feel like fall is coming to a quick end, though we haven't had snow yet.


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