Silver Lining: what Halloween looks like in the 5th grade

November 1, 2012

what Halloween looks like in the 5th grade

I'll admit - Halloween is my least favorite holiday. By a long shot (sorry Julie).

But this year, I actually found myself getting into it. In elementary school, Halloween is the biggest thing around. In fact, Halloween is a week-long affair at my school. On Monday, we went on a field trip to a Halloween play, on Tuesday we made haunted houses and wrote scary stories, and on the day itself we did an entire-school costume parade, a class party, and some other fun Halloween activities.

So props to you, 10-year-olds, for getting me in the Halloween spirit!

P.S. Later that night, I was lucky enough to go to a formal dinner party my good friends planned. It was amazing! And the best part - after a long school day, all I had to do was bring a few things and dress fancy. Thanks Carly and Elisabeth!

Another P.S. I still have one last sponsor spot for November. Email me if you're interested!


  1. ok, so it looks like so much fun. seriously, i love all holidays i think. these little houses are so cute. it makes me think of when i was in elementary school, we did the same thing with the costume parade.

    im really sad though because we didn't dress up and we didn't do anything. my goal next year is to get invited to a party so we have a reason to dress up. apparently i've got a year to make friends haha.


  2. So fun!! I seriously loved Halloween in elementary school! The Parade was always the best! Looks like Elisabeths dinner was a success! :)

  3. The formal dinner really sounds like fun! I love any excuse to dress up fancy!

  4. I can't believe you don't love Halloween! Sheesh! But your costume is great and I love the googly eyed cupcakes and the bowling pins!

  5. WOW those houses look incredible, such detail!!


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