Silver Lining: in love.

December 20, 2012

in love.

Today, I woke up slowly. It was light outside when I opened my eyes, and that made me happy.

Then, I breakfasted on german crepe-style pancakes with my grandparents, topping each pancake with  lemon curd and powdered sugar, my favorite combination.

Now, I'm snuggling in bed next to my husband. It's kind of funny when we're both in bed, doing something on our laptops.

I could get used to this winter break thing.

Anyone else on winter break already?
And totally loving it?


  1. I am a teacher and we have one more day until Christmas excited to be able to join you in relaxing!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am super excited to read more from you! Have a great break :)

  2. Enjoy your family time!!!! Thanks for stopping by today! I'm your newest follower!

  3. I love snuggling in bed. I often say "babes, can we just snuggled in bed!" even if its like 2 in the afternoon!

  4. that sounds like my kind of day!!

  5. One more day till I can send the kiddos home and relax! I'm super jealous of all you teachers already on break!


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