Silver Lining: whoops, my birthday is a week-long party

December 14, 2012

whoops, my birthday is a week-long party

I swear I didn't plan it this way. But as it happens, my birthday is turning into a week long affair this year. A sultry mid-winter affair that involves chocolate and gifts....

It started Tuesday at my favorite dessert place - The Chocolate. I wanted to catch my friends before they went home for the break, so we all got together and had some dessert. People trickled in and out all night, and it was so fun to see them! When I gave my camera to my husband, he didn't realize the automatic focus was off {bless his heart}, so all the pictures of me with my friends are delightfully blurry. But I did get exactly four non-blurry pictures, and here they are, for your viewing pleasure. 

Really, those four pictures sum things up quite nicely. Just imagine the rest of the people there, and me getting pictures with all of them.


And now I'm off to the weekend! One Friday of teaching, a favorite things party, hopefully a Saturday afternoon matinee, and some winter pictures if it snows. And, of course, more birthday celebrations for me :) Thank goodness for weekends, and especially weekends right before long breaks! 

What are you doing this weekend?
Any big plans?


  1. I LOVE when birthdays last a whole week/weekend. That's the best way to celebrate. :) Happy Birthday, girl!

  2. looks like a grand time with loads of people! :)

  3. hooray for week long birthdays!

  4. Haha! My favorite is the empty corner picture!

  5. hahaha, yes i'm making a star appearance on your blog with my hubby! hahaha.
    plus the lighting in there isn't too great, that also doesnt help get good photos.

  6. We always do week long birthday celebration! At the minimum :)

  7. Truth be told, I didn't celebrate my birthday enough this year. Don't laugh, but I'm planning a half birthday party. This summer girl is getting a winter birthday party! Great pics! Sometimes I like blurry pics too. :o) Esther Norine Designs

  8. Love it when birthdays last more than one day! My birthday is coming up soon too! I'm off the Bondi this afternoon.

  9. Happy happy birthday!!! :)

  10. Happy Birthday and thanks for linking up in Thee Networking Blog Hop. I'm now following you. I look forward to reading more.



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