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December 27, 2012

Year in Review LINK-UP

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Started my last full semester of college and took care of a furry thing named Chester. Went on walks and had a spree in which I made various kinds of soup for dinner for two and a half weeks straight. Haven't made soup since.

Planned a candlelit dinner for two for Valentine's Day, then got sick and spent Valentine's Day in the fetal position in bed. Was taken care of by my heart-of-gold husband all day long. Made the dinner a few days later and it was still perfect. Also went sledding and made a flower from molten glass.

Did my last student teaching in 6th grade (realized 6th grade is not my favorite cup of tea, but 5th grade is totally my cup of tea). Planned and hosted the BYU blogger meet-up, and considered it a wild success if I do say so myself. Skipped class one fateful morning.

Put on my teacher watch and went for my first interview for a real-life teaching job. Got hired at my dream school in 5th grade and was totally thrilled. Became all Healthy Schmealthy and stopped eating sweets (made me grumpy but healthy).

Went to sunny Arizona for a wedding, fell in love with the desert, had too much cheesecake (you can tell how long the no-sweets thing lasted). Came back while we could still tear ourselves away. Also went to barbecues, watched my brother give his valedictorian speech,  and got an iPhone (welcome to the dark side. I'm here to stay).

Rekindled my love for snow cones. Convinced Mr. Emery to go for a family run and end up at the shaved ice shop almost daily. Walked out of my last college class ever feeling wise beyond my years, only to spend 15 minutes forgetting where I parked and going to the wrong parking lot.

Vacationed with my family in paradise, lounged about on the shores of Hebgen Lake, and ate even more snowcones. Had the most cathartic journey to Oregon with Sam, showing him where I grew up, loving the green beautiful coast, and introducing him to hippies. 

Reminisced about my wedding day, celebrated one year of marriage with the most delicious fondue, and got my classroom ready to become a real-life teacher. Soaked up the last days of summer with lots of swimming and lounging by the pool.

Started being a real life teacher. Stressed about it for months on end, only to discover by the first day that I loved it, and it was going to be a great year. Had a why-am-I-throwing-up-for-the-first-time-in-a-decade-am-i-pregnant-oh-no-it's-just-food-poisoning moment (tmi?). 

Had a fall break for the first time in my life. Heaven. Got hopelessly lost in a corn maze, hung out with a cute baby, caught up with some lunch dates, and took some fall family pictures that I love.

Discovered my students get crazy after Halloween. Loved it anyway. Enjoyed the warmth of a mini-Indian summer, and went for cupcakes with Sam for no reason at all. Spent Thanksgiving with Sam's family in Logan - ate a roast beast, slept in, and became a literal rocket scientist.

Realized that the weeks before Christmas in elementary school are amazing. Made paper snowflakes and did gingerbread math with my students. Made hot chocolate bars and ritzed up ritz crackers at home. Somehow my birthday turned into a week-long affair, and had the most relaxing, amazing, snow-filled Christmas with my family. 

It's been such a good year. I'm blessed.

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Silver Lining


  1. i love this post and all your pictures are so beautiful. you had yourself a great year!!! here's to another!!

  2. I've been thinking of writing a post with the same theme. I'm definitely linking up. I will be posting after a day or two.

    Happy New Year! Stay beautiful!

  3. Hey girl! Thanks for inviting me to your party, I loved reading your year in review! Your pics are so beautiful and fun, that soup makes me hungry, your wedding pic was gorgeous, and my sister and best friend are both elementary school teachers too- people that do what you do are amazing! Glad to have found your blog! I need to follow!

  4. This is super cool! Going to look back at my 2012 and see if I can link up. Cheers.

  5. Love the picture of you two dancing! :) Thanks for inviting me to link up! :) Here's to a great 2013!

  6. Aww! it looks like you guys had a fun year! I love your comment about not making any more soup after a soup spree--I get that way with certain dishes, too! And walking out to the wrong parking lot at college seemed to happen to me a couple times a month--so annoying!

  7. Love it! I loved reading through this and getting to know more about you! I have a small recap (not as good as yours) posting tomorrow so ill definitely link up then!

  8. Congrats on a wonderful year! I am still waiting for my perfect teaching job to come along!

  9. looks like a great year! so glad I stumbled upon your blog! new follower!


  10. I love you Brooke! Thanks for being part of my year, you made it so much better! :) Happy 2013!

  11. Love this link up!! I'm your newest follower and just linked up my bucket list year in review blog. :) Happy 2013!


  12. You are so photogenic! :)

    Happy 2013!!


  13. we totally did that flower thing too for Valentine's day! So cool!

    loved reading through your review posts and getting to know you better. you are SO beautiful!!


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