Silver Lining: Confessions of a pre-teen drama queen

January 29, 2013

Confessions of a pre-teen drama queen

I teach pre-teens all day long at school, and sometimes there's drama. As I head off to another day with them, here are my confessions.

+ I wake up insanely early when I'm stressed. This morning I woke up at 4:30 voluntarily. That's about as bad as it gets. I'm stressed. Teacher Work Sample.

+ This year I started watching The Bachelor. Whyyyyyyyyy. And whyyyyyyyy do I like it.

+ Yesterday I cried when our little ward of the state said a prayer. It was his second prayer in a long time, and it was unbelieveably sweet.

+ I didn't include dieting on my new year's resolutions. We knew our whole life was about to change with Jason, and I wanted a month to adjust to our new family before I started getting crabby from lack of sweets.

+ I'm getting a case of adult onset road rage. Just when the person in front of me is going 45 and we're merging onto the freeway.

+ I'm baby hungry. To the max. I have dreams that I'm a mom, all my favorite blogs are new mom blogs, and I pin baby things to Pinterest almost daily.

+ My nose is crooked.

+ Sometimes I'm selfish. I steal the blankets in my sleep and I procrastinate the laundry until Sam just does it. I fall short often, and I'm a work in progress. But I am trying. 

Do you identify with any of these?
Please say yes.
Or leave a confession of your own.
It would brighten my day on this early, cold morning.


  1. yes, definitely the laundry thing.
    however ryan steals all of the blankets in our house. haha.
    never watched the bachelor, stop brooke!


  2. I identify with all of those. I've been waking up anywhere from 3am-6am, and that's after going to bed past midnight. I've been so insanely stressed lately and my mind will not shut off. Ugh.
    I've been watching, and loving, the Bachelor.
    Glad I'm not the only one with road rage :D
    Love your confessions!

  3. yes and yes and yes! You are human :) And you will be a mommy someday! The Lord will know JUST the right time to send his first little angel to your home! and my confession: I have a case of adult OCD. only when it comes to cleaning though. My house HAS to be cleaned a certain way or I seriously start to twitch. Sometimes I force myself to sit and do nothing and except the mess and let my husband clean, but then I HAVE to fix whatever he did that wasnt the way i would to it. I HATE this about myself. I have no idea where this came from! haha. xoxo.

  4. Love these all. I leave the dishes for Dan all the time. I steal blankets too, and I'm baby hungry too! AHHH!

  5. Oh yes I definitely can identify! I laughed out loud at your bachelor comment- so funny! It's like a train wreck, it's hard to look away!

  6. Haha, I do that with the laundry! However, my hubby does that to me with the dishes so i guess it all evens out!

  7. Yep I identify. I will also sometimes get hooked on an old TV show and watch it straight for hours (currently Smallville) and then say to Chance, "Oh, I just watched a couple episodes."

  8. I really don't think your nose is crooked. But I am baby hungry for YOU to have a baby. :)

  9. YAY to being baby hungry! Maybe you will have a little one soon??? Fingers crossed for you!

  10. Loved this. I'm with you on the cover stealing.

  11. Ps. Tws isn't as bad as you think. And they won't let you fail. You can redo it if you don't pass the first time. I had to finish mine up in the hospital boo.

  12. I hate Teacher Work Samples. With a fiery burning passion. I feel your pain.
    I don't steal blankets much. In fact, Mike usually makes a burrito of himself with the blankets and I end up grabbing one of the spares that lives by my side of the bed in the middle of the night. It's not worth it to try and wrestle the blankets away from him.
    And teaching jazz band is the scariest thing I have done in a long time.

  13. Hi there
    We are a new mother daughter blog that just followed you from the blog hop & like your blog. I have a young adult, late teenager & one that just became a teenager so I can relate to drama! I am also a HR manager so I get drama all day at work too!
    When I get stressed I do not sleep but sew at night as I seem to be more creative with lack of sleep!

  14. I am so baby hungry. story of my life.

  15. I'm selfish too. Mostly with my time. I like to do what I want, when I want to. Not when someone else wants me too. And I use all the blankets. (But I don't share my bed with anyone, so I don't think that counts.)
    Also, sometimes I turn off the lights, get in bed, and spend an entire hour looking at instagram before I fall asleep. And then I hate myself in the morning because I'm so tired. But I do it again the next night.

  16. I'm baby hungry too, but 5 year old full :( I agree with not quitting the sweets til you're all settled in! And we all have a guilty pleasure show :) I started watching Beauty and the Beast on the CW (the network says it all). It's terrible, but I can't help myself.

  17. oh yes I identify with almost all of these! you are definitely not alone :)


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