Silver Lining: this is not a Valentine's post

January 14, 2013

this is not a Valentine's post

First of all, thank you so so much for all the support from yesterday's post (and the texts, and the instagram love, and the facebook love, and the blog comment love, and the emails....). You guys are so amazing and positive, and it means more than you know.  There will be much more on our decision later.


So. Let's talk Valentine's Day. It's kind of one of my favorite holidays. I mean, the history! Secret weddings, prisons, people breaking all sorts of laws only to be sainted for it later. My kind of story.

I'm not a big decorator for Valentine's though. Once I take my Christmas stuff down, I'm usually ready for a break {not to mention February is historically one of my busiest months}. There's no time for decorating, and I opt out when it comes to too much bright pink and red. Plus January 14 is a full month too early, so let it be known that this is not a Valentine's post... 

But something changed this year. As I was sitting forlornly on the couch, mourning the loss of my Christmas decor {as normal people do}, it came to me. Valentine's! Not the tacky stuff, but the cute stuff! And I have a fabulous crafting friend to do it with!

Et voila - this was born. More subtle and vintage and not too much on the bright pink. 

And now that I've gotten over my mental decorating block for Valentine's.... all these lovely ideas (all via my hollidaze Pinterest board) are swirling in my head. 

What are your thoughts on Valentine's decor?
And send me some links to your favorite easy, non-tacky diys? 
And who's up for a craft night?


  1. cuteee. last year we made a garland out of paint swatches and ill probably have to do that again, and it was free. haha.


  2. okay I love this kind of decorating!

  3. Sadly, I don't have any Valentines Decor. It's one of my least favorite Holidays--after Thanksgiving. But I always make a yummy dinner for the kids.

  4. cute Brooke!
    I made a fun glitter banner last year...and a super corny card :)

  5. You're banner is so cute!! I love it!


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