Silver Lining: when life gets filtered

January 25, 2013

when life gets filtered

Around here, we love weekends. This is our first weekend with our little ward of the state, who by the way did such a great job this week. Adapting is kind of his forte, and we like having him around quite a lot.This weekend we plan to slip on the ice, take treats around to introduce Jason to the neighborhood, and go mini-golfing with our favorite Bennetts. Oh, and a bloggers night out with Elisabeth :)
outside:: pretty Cache Valley / a snowy afternoon

around the house:: reading list / in love with my new clock

teacher life:: class pet / guess the your you're lesson didn't stick

date night:: Jazz games / there's a Chinese family in our bathroom

happiness:: girl talk / Red Robin trumps diets

And since it's Friday:
these customer reviews made me laugh out loud
yup... it was slippery yesterday (also made me laugh out loud)
getting to know this cute mama better through a Valentine's swap
and this stunning post

Happy weekend!
Leave me your favorite link this week - I'd love to check it out!


  1. I love the weekends too. Your photos are fantastic and I used to LOVE my Venus fly traps as a kid. All the best - Monica

  2. so excited for this weekend.
    i just hope things start to clear up.
    i want to see the sun again :(


  3. I am SO happy the weekend is here!! Have a great weekend :)

  4. Love the scenery and your new clock!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. haha! your caption under the "your" instagram cracked me up. also, such a neat clock!

  6. Love these. And oh my word, Red Robin is the best. :) Yum.

  7. I had so much to say and then I saw the picture of Red Robin and can't think of anything else except I love your yellow/mustard cardigan!

  8. 1. Now I want Red Robin. 2. Great reading list. We shall talk after you read Wutherin Heights. 3. I think you should focus on the "best teacher ever" part and less on the "your" part. Some live their whole life and never get it right.

  9. I love the Ikea caption. Confused at first, which only made me appreciate it more later.

  10. Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog and following :)

    Did you read Life of Pi? I absolutely loved that book. I just read it a few months ago and then went to see the movie. Loved both!

    New follower!


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