Silver Lining: a love note, as is only proper

February 14, 2013

a love note, as is only proper

I love the model stadiums you build.

I love your confused face when I wake you up to say goodbye in the mornings.

I love when we look at each other over Jason's head during church and you give me that half smile.

I love how you tuck me in at night.

I love how you run errands and do chores for me and don't expect any praise for it (I'll get there one day.).

I love how you hate bell peppers as much as I love them.

I love when it takes an hour and a half to go to sleep because we're too busy talking and dreaming and cracking each other up.

I love seeing you interact with Jason.

I love how you won't get out of bed on a Saturday without a back rub.

I love how you hold my hand and give me hugs and kisses, even in public.

I love that heart of gold I first started falling for two years ago. I love your priorities and your goals and your faith and most of all, I love the way you love me.

To lovers and future lovers and dog-lovers and blog-lovers everywhere: Happy Valentine's Day!
Let's not celebrate the gifts or flowers as much, but just plain and simple love and how happy love makes us.


  1. soo cute you guys.
    happy valentines day lady!


  2. Beautiful post & I agree with you to celebrate how love makes us feel not just today but everyday!

  3. love this. and you
    happy vday brookie

  4. Aww! You guys are so cute together!


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