Silver Lining: gorgeous venues: the Hamilton wedding

February 26, 2013

gorgeous venues: the Hamilton wedding

Wedding receptions are fun. You know, the sappiness, the happiness, the cake shoving. The free food, most of all. But they're even better when they're in a gorgeous place.

My cousin's wedding last week was in such the gorgeous venue. It's the kind of place that makes you want to spend hours wandering, trying out all the comfy chairs tucked in all the comfy nooks, smelling all the beautiful plants. You know the type of place. You just kind of walk in and think, hey, I could become someone in a place like this!

The perks of being a cousin of the bride is that you're there hours early, "helping set up," and you so have hours to take it all in. I did my fair share of wandering and trying out all the comfy chairs, and it was gorgeous. And such a fun reception, too!

And now, to prove I was actually there:
What's the most beautiful venue you've been to?
Ever been to the Highland Gardens (the venue pictured here)?

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