Silver Lining: finally here

March 29, 2013

finally here

I'm officially throwing in the towel.

image via, graphic added by moi

Spring break is here! I have eight more hours of teaching my hyper kids, and then it's here. (They haven't even been that hyper, weirdly? Knock on wood.) 

This break, I'm excited to have a one-night getaway with Mr. Emery (who is very sweet to take some time off despite the fact that this is his busiest week of the semester), binge read a million books, find photographic evidence of spring, and pretend I'm going to be productive with projects around the house.

And to all those people I keep trying to schedule things with - let's actually do them this week! Corina, let's do lunch. Elisabeth, you too! Bri, let's reschedule that walk for this week. And everyone else! Who wants to hang out this week? Let's make it happen. Seriously I want to see you so email/text/carrier pigeon me.

Spring break. I love the sound of that :)

a quick PS:
What are your fave things to do in SLC?
Great places to eat?
Books I should read this break?
And if you want to make my day, you should follow me on bloglovin :)
Amen. the end. spring break.


  1. WAHOOOOO! So excited for you!!!

  2. i am so jealous of everyone that gets a spring break.


    tuesday is my day with you. called it. i'm done with class at 2:15 so i am available unil 7 :)

  3. I'm just coming off spring break so lucky you! I always think I'm going to be way more productive than I actually am. I did read The Fault in Ours Stars over the break and while sad, it was really good! Also, if you're looking for book suggestions you should check out goodreads. It's my favorite!

  4. Hope you have an awesome Spring Break, yay!

  5. New bloglovin follower from the linkup. Looking forward to following you :-)
    Enjoy your spring break!!!

  6. For stellar mexican food in SLC--the Red Iguana (not to be confused with the Blue Iguana). It is packed but SOOO good. Joel is a Mexican food connoisseur and he raved about it. Have so much fun on your break!

  7. Ahhh! I wish we could! Dang. We will do this sometime though. That's for sure.

  8. That's such a beautiful photo! Congratulations on your Spring Break. I know it is well deserved!


  9. Don't forget about that book I told you about at the wedding. Delirium by Lauren Oliver.


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