Silver Lining: Silver Lining Sponsorship Sale!

March 27, 2013

Silver Lining Sponsorship Sale!

I'm having a huge sponsorship sale right now. Use the code SPRINGBREAK to get 30% off your ad! I'd love to have you during the month of spring break, birthdays, graduations, and the return of flowers in general. I also accept a limited amount of sponsor swaps with people who have comparable blogs to mine. Email me, or sign up on my sponsorship page!

I'm also planning to host one of those huge giveaways. You know the type where you pay $5 for each entry, and we give away a $300+ gift card, and everyone can post the code on their blog and get a ton of new readers? Yeah, that kind. Who would be interested? I'm making a list of potential sponsors, so email me if you want your name on it.

Love, peace, and may it be sunny this afternoon :)

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