Silver Lining: a week straight of lunch dates? Okay.

April 7, 2013

a week straight of lunch dates? Okay.

Today I realized that I've been on a week straight of lunch dates.

Lunch dates are a luxurious affair around here. I mean, I took more than 10 minutes to eat, I sat down, I relaxed, AND I chatted. Either that or I'm just used to eating in 10 minutes flat and rushing back to my classroom to get things done.  Either way, even a $2 bagel seemed top notch!

a quick bagel brunch and chat with Elisabeth

lunch with Sam at the cabin

Al-o, yummy salads, and catching each other up on what all our childhood friends are doing now

lunch with Jessa as we shopped and talked and shopped some more

lunch/dinner with my cousins at a big cabin they had for the week 
(remind me to post pictures of that sometime)

brunch with the Bennetts as we watched conference

lunch with my family as we watched conference
AKA ate huge meals every two hours. 
That's how conference goes around here. Amen and amen.

Going out multiple times this week probably wasn't the best choice for my wallet (or my diet!), but some things are more important, right? 

And now, after a week of spring break, I'm gearing up for school to start tomorrow. Every Sunday night I have a mini panic attack (ask Sam, he'll attest). It's like "the weekend's suddenly over and now I have to go back to early mornings and crazy children and responsibility and helppppp!" This Sunday night the panic attack was amplified by ten. "Whoa where did the week go and are we even sure I can still be a good teacher after a week-long break?!?" It's a rough half-hour every Sunday night!

Can anyone else relate to the Sunday night panic attacks?
Or help me justify a week of lunch dates?
But who am I kidding - the lunch dates were totally worth it.


  1. Haha I can totally relate. Even just with classes, I always panic on Sundays, worrying that I can't possibly be productive ever again after such a great weekend.

  2. Oh the Sunday night dreads... I'm SO familiar!

  3. Oh yes, every Sunday night I get a panic attack as well. Two days off never seems like enough!

  4. i love lunch dates! also, i am drooling over that conference brunch...yum! xo

  5. totally worth it! and that brunch looks fantastic!

  6. My hand's raised! I get the Sunday night panic attacks. And Monday night panic attacks. Blech! Totally jealous of all that fruit!

  7. I'm pretty sure that Sunday nights are the bane of every teacher's existence!

  8. school breaks are meant for lunch dates with great friends!

    I had a very similar panic attack last night as well. fortunately, today wasn't so bad after all.

  9. Spring break was way too short! And so was you stay at the cabin!

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