Silver Lining: lately

April 10, 2013


+ I have a really strong urge to cut my hair short. I've been growing it out for two years, and I love it long, but I'm dreaming of a bob these days (as in I literally had a dream that I had short hair, and it was fantastic). I'm just ready for a big change, you know? AH. Maybe I'll do a post on this and someone can talk me out of it.

+ at least once a week I look back at my posts and laugh at myself. "Such the loveliest time?" "a hint of jade?" Apparently blogging brings out the Anne of Green Gables in me, which, now that I think about it, wouldn't be that bad of a gig. I mean, she's an orphan, but all my favorite characters are.

+ I had a meeting today and left my kids with a sub (you never know with subs and wily 5th graders these days. It could have been a huge D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R). That being said, I woke up at the luxuriously late hour of 6:45am today and felt like the Queen of England. It was light out when I drove to my meeting!

+ I was recently critizied on gomi for being "a nice enough girl, but a little too religious for my taste." (I'm not linking to it, because as the fabulous Bonnie said, I don't want my readers to add any traffic to that nasty site.) The statement secretly made me proud. I make a conscious effort to talk about my religion on here, because nothing brings me more peace and happiness.

+ My nails have been unpainted for four days straight, and if you really know me, I NEVER have my nails unpainted. I know this has nothing to do with nothing, but for some reason it seemed vaguely meaningful? So. Here it is. Make of that what you will.

+I woke up with two spider bites on my back and side yesterday. It's freaking me out. When was a spider underneath all my layers long enough to bite me twice?


Before I go, I have to tell you about Talisha of Reupena Household. Talisha is kind of new to the blogging scene, but that doesn't stop her new blog design from being adorable or her posts from being very insightful. I loved when her husband wrote his take on blogging (mine would never!), and when she talks about her three cute boys (family pictures here). She's always looking for new blogging friends, so stop by and say hi!

Let's hear it for the creepiness of spider bites,
the significance of nail polish(?),
and the luxury of 6:45am.
What's on your mind lately?


  1. haha! What a compliment from GOMI!!

  2. I always want short hair but then instantly regret it! Thank you for your shoutout, love it!! :)

  3. Brooke! You have the rest of your life to have short hair. It's so beautiful, wait a can do the "new mother" thing when you have a baby and get a bob then...just MY thoughts. Spider bites: ugh. I get them all the time, and try not to think of that little critter getting into bed with me and biting my unsuspecting leg/arm/whatever. Yikes! Anyway, I am randomly thinking of cleaning my kitchen, getting ready for my activity day tomorrow (the old Merrie Miss program where the girls come to your house every other week---we're doing baby and child care tomorrow and I'm having them put baby diapers on dolls to learn to change a diaper, etc.) and thinking how excited I am to see Katie when she comes in May. Take care my dear, I do love your blog! And don't change a thing,you can sound Anne of Green Gables-ish all you want! Love, Mama O.

  4. Your hair is so gorgeous long!!! If I ever cut my hair short I think Ryan would kill me...but I think it looks freaking adorable on everyone else!

  5. Don't cut your hair. But what size barrel curling iron did you use. I can never a big soft curl, just stupid ringlety things.

    Also, Talisha's family is absolutely beautiful! I'm going to steal that middle kid with the shaggy hair and take him home with me. I hope she won't mind.

    1. You are so sweet. I'm sure my shaggy haired Jack would love that! He's definitely a people person!

  6. I love Anne of Green Gables- the whole series is wonderful. Orphan stories do often turn out to be quite lovely. I also love Eight Cousins by Alcot. Loads of silly young boys and one girl cousin in the midst of them. Quite heartwarming and quite cute.

    I paint my nails every week. I love to play with colors and patterns. It makes me feel feminine, even if the rest of me doesn't look so attractive that day.

    The other week it was time for me to get a trim. I really wanted to do something different, since I've had more or less the same hair style for a few years now. And somehow I came home from the stylist with only a meager trim and some bangs. I'm too in love with my long hair to do anything dramatic, although I do love my bangs. If you find a way to shake things up, let me know. :)

    Cheers from your new follower!

  7. Yeah girl, stop being so religious. Ha! I think short hair would be cute! Long is great on you, but it always grows back and it might be nice to have less for summer?

  8. I don't know anything about "gomi" but just that it means "garbage" in Japanese--'nuf said.
    You're fabulous, and who cares what anybody else thinks. I do, however, love that we think the same about that kind of stuff--if someone doesn't like what you do, do it EVEN MORE!!! YAY US!!!
    Love you Brooke!

  9. I'm a huge proponent of short hair (like, really short) but then again, Joel pushes for me to have short hair too. Still, at the end of the day it's my decision. I'm going to get it all cut off sooner or later since Benedict likes to grab it now and he has some seriously strong little baby hands. I just have to get around to finding a babysitter. :/


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