Silver Lining: an adventure of the best kind

May 27, 2013

an adventure of the best kind

I'm back from our three-day family getaway to Moab. Dad wanted to get us all together to celebrate my brother's return from his mission, and I'm really glad he did. There's something about being with people who have the same interests and lifestyles and sneak-treats-to-our-cabin-late-at-night tactics that makes vacations so easy and fun.

I'll post more of these gorgeous red rocks later (I literally took hundreds of red rock pictures. It's bordering on an obsession). In the meantime, here's to the last week of school, and then a St. George getaway with my teacher friends! Something tells me this summer is going to be awesome.


  1. so great you got to be with your family.
    i love this last picture of you, so cute.


  2. sounds like you had a blast! :)

  3. Moab sounds like a dream right now

  4. Brooke I want to know what 10 hour a week job you got this summer. I am looking for something along the same lines... just enough to keep me from going insane. Let me know! Also welcome home to your brother! Also sorry I missed the picnic in the park last week. I really wanted to go but had a lame school function. Will school ever get out?!?


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