Silver Lining: Blogger get together? (+ a little weekend recap)

May 12, 2013

Blogger get together? (+ a little weekend recap)

A little about this weekend:

1. Some Mother's Days, my heart is full and I feel like writing a lot. Today was not one of those. Suffice it to say I'm grateful for the mothers in my life, living and dead, related and not related. The only other thing I want to say is that early this morning I went to the cemetery. The sun was barely coming over the mountains, and dew was on the grass, and a Tongan family was singing hymns I'd never heard by a nearby grave. It was beautiful.

2. The rest of May is going to be crazy. I'm so excited for my cousin's wedding, my brother coming home from his mission, a mini family vacation, the end of the school year, and a teacher vacation when school gets out. That also means it's going to be BUSY! Who wants to come help me move my classroom?

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3. Anyone interested in a little local blogger picnic this month? Maybe just desserts in the park for an hour or something. Leave me a comment if you'd be interested!

4. One from the weekend:
Don't you worry, there's a lot more of THAT coming this week :)

So, blogger dessert night?
Any takers?


  1. Thinking of you today on this mother's day! Hugs!

  2. down for blogger meet up of course.
    and still in love with your short hair.


  3. oh you are wonderful.
    and i will actually be in provo the weekend of the 25th. so yes. i am down. except not the evening of the 25th because i have plans. but maybe sunday. or friday? so excited.

  4. You are so sweet! Your morning sounds beautiful and special, sometimes the cemetery can be so wonderful and painful at the same time! A blogger meet up sounds fantastic!

  5. I am so down for a get together! We need to talk in person :) Love it!

    xo, Jessica

  6. i'm down too - just give me a date and i'll fly in :P

  7. Yes I want to go to a picnic with you!

  8. YES to picnic!!! I'm free after 4 or 5 every day so let's do this!!!!

    PS: hope you had a happy mothers day

  9. Depending on the day and time, I'm totally down... I need to stop being a recluse and go make friends ;)

  10. Totally love your outfit and your hair...amazing!! You are too cute!!


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