Silver Lining: he's coming home(!)

May 24, 2013

he's coming home(!)

This polaroid has been on my fridge for two years (Jen, I'm so glad you snapped it at that cousin BBQ!).

 It's my little brother, Covey. He's been gone for two entire years, doing missionary work for my church. He's been in the humid and poor country of Uruguay, helping people with their needs, and also by telling them how to truly be happy and peaceful. I can't believe in less than 12 hours he'll be back! He's in a layover in the Miami airport right now.

Sidenote I just thought of: what a surreal experience it must be to leave the people you've grown to love so much, to get on an airplane and switch languages and mindsets and schedules and everything back to the self-centered lifestyles we all live, when you're so used to spending every second helping others.

To say I'm so excited is an understatement. I wasn't even married when he left! I'm so excited to meet him at the airport and see how poor his English is :) And then the family's off for a weekend in Moab to celebrate his return.

Hang loose, mongoose. Happy Memorial Day weekend!


  1. So awesome!! My friend's bestie just got her call last night to Uruguay. I hope you have so so much fun!! Have a great weekend!

  2. So they really do come home! haha. So exciting. Give him lots of hugs!! :)


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