Silver Lining: what I do, besides my actual job

May 5, 2013

what I do, besides my actual job

If I couldn't answer with my job (which I rarely do anyway), here's what I am, what I do:

+ I'm a wife to Sam

+ I'm a legal guardian to my favorite ward of the state

+ I'm a runner

+ I'm a morning snuggler

+ I'm a bell pepper eater

+ I'm a sensitive feeler

+ I'm a goal achiever

+ I'm an advocate for education

+ I'm a laugher

+ I'm a blogger

+ I'm a summer freckler

Who are you, in a few words?
Linking up to Jenni.
Picture by KNW.


  1. You are awesome:) I really want to do that walk sometime soooooon!!

  2. Love this post! hope u had a happy weekend!

  3. I think you are a lot more than that, but that list is a good start. Have you adjusted to your hair cut yet? I can't help noticing no pics...

  4. i know this has nothing to do with your post, but i want to see your new hair.
    like right meow.



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