Silver Lining: a magic waterfall, and a brush-in with a mountain goat

June 2, 2013

a magic waterfall, and a brush-in with a mountain goat

The first night we got to Moab, we went to explore a waterfall we drove past on our way to our cabins. It was a few miles outside of the city, and we had it all to ourselves. We waded in the freezing water and climbed on the rocks until it got dark. Sandstone is the absolute best rock to climb all over, and I'm kind of convinced it had magical properties, because we all got along and climbed around with each other for an hour straight ;) Minus the brush-in Jason had with a wild mountain goat, and the subsequent "you are a human, not a mountain goat. you should stay near the humans, not the mountain goats" chat we had with him, it was quite the successful first night of a family vacation.

Here are some pictures from the night. They're a conglomeration of pictures from my camera, and from various iPhones and Androids we had with us. Side note: if there's anything that will tear our family apart, it's the iPhone v Android debate - honestly!


  1. Great pictures! What a great family get away!

  2. That looks like so much fun! I love escaping to Southern Utah for a change of scenery.

  3. AnonymousJune 05, 2013

    Gorgeous pictures! Looks like a lot of fun :D


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